• 17 Aug 2022 11:17 AM | Anonymous

    Vice President Susan Day opened our virtual luncheon by welcoming all members and guests attending.

    Jay Jeffcoat introduced our speaker, Jon Haveman Executive Director of the National Economic Education Delegation.

    Jon gave an interesting and informative discussion of Climate Change Economics, ending with an educated Q&A session.

    There were no August birthdays to celebrate, so members were asked to self-fine or boast about their goings in which included:

    • Karina Sousa - can't remember everyone's fines and missed the last Happy Hour she planned
    • Carl Nettleton - his non-profit Open Oceans Global got media coverage when announcing Citizen Science Initiative
    • Doug Frost - forgot his pin
    • Ryan Callan - forgot his pin
    • Jeremy Alexander- forgot his pin
    • David Jay- forgot his pin & was Zooming from Kentucky where he was celebrating his sister's birthday

    Susan Day gave a brief summary of the Burn Institute's Camp Beyond the Stars that was supported by a grant from the Foundation

    If you missed it, you can watch the video and then plan to join us next time!

  • 3 Aug 2022 9:35 AM | Anonymous

    On August 2, 2022, the Club had a change of scenery by holding a meeting at the Home Depot Design Center, one of only two such centers in the United States.

    Members enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared by chefs in the demonstration kitchen.

    During the abbreviated meeting, Club Secretary Karina Sousa welcomed Mary and Tony Haas and Kathy and George Butterstein, members of the Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club for joining us.

    Bill's Bucks were collected from:

    • Kathy Butterstein - thank you for inviting us to your events
    • Judy Leitner - thank you to Judith for organizing
    • Doug Frost - looking forward to going to the District Convention
    • Emily Krause - wish husband Brian was here as he is the family chef

    After the meeting, we were led on a hands-on tour which proved to be a lot of fun.

  • 20 Jul 2022 9:21 AM | Anonymous

    President Mike Boland started the July 21 virtual luncheon meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

    After watching a YouTube video of the Marine's Hymn, Jeremy Alexander gave a meaningful invocation from his own life and one of his client's.

    Our speaker was Judi Patterson from Mental Health America who told of the current mental health struggles many are facing and gave some helpful strategies for dealing with them.

    We celebrated the July birthdays of Jeremy Alexander, Danny Williams, June Prewitt and Chuck Day.

    Next it was some for self-fines and Bill's Bucks.  Our members pledged:

    • Karina Sousa - apologizing for the mess her dog Ruby made in the office hallway and thanking Doug for cleaning it up
    • Carl Nettleton - celebrating Oceans Global Institute's new app
    • Doug Frost - apologizing for not being ready for the meeting and sharing the discovery of 6 signed letters from J. Edgar Hoover and 1 signed letter from Herbert Hoover found during the office overal
    • Judy Leitner - supporting the Club

    The meeting ended with a recap of past events and look forward to the future events.  If you missed the meeting you can watch here:

  • 22 Jun 2022 10:16 AM | Anonymous

    Vice President Susan Day started our virtual meeting by ringing the bell and then led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Karina Sousa offered words of inspiration from Mother Teresa.

    The members were impressed to watch the Navy Band perform "Stars and Stripes Forever" at their individual homes over Zoom.

    Susan welcomed Alynne De Vilmorin, President of the Bonita Club to our meeting.

    We enjoyed a fascinating presentation about the complexity of transportation in San Diego County from Phil Trom of SANDAG.  Club members had many questions, and Phil sent a follow-up email with this link to answer some of them.

    Fines and Bill's Bucks were pledged from:

    • Karina Sousa - who shared a story about a Red Shoe donor who went to high school with Chuck Day and was also grateful to spend time with Tom and Monica at the recent Happy Hour

    • Carl Nettleton - whose daughter-in-law graduated from Stanford

    • Doug Frost - who is spending quality time in quarantine with his daughter in Tulsa

    • Alynne De Vilmorin - was grateful to join our Club meeting

    • Chuck Day - who is thankful for the Club's participation in Red Shoe Day and apologetic that he did not meet with his mentee new member Kevin Currier

    • Kevin Currier - who is new to San Diego and has learned to curse traffic but appreciated the complexity of the issue better after Phil Trom's presentation

    Susan closed the meeting with a recap of past events and preview of upcoming.

    If you missed it, you can watch the recorded video here:

    Lots of exciting things planned; please join us online and in-person!

  • 18 May 2022 9:37 AM | Anonymous

    The Club made a decision to hold more virtual meetings -- and that was fabulous for attendance at our meeting May 17, 2022!

    President Mike Boland started the virtual meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Claire LeBeau shared an Irish blessing, with a nod to her family's Irish roots.

    Youtube led us in a rousing rendition of "You're a Grand Old Flag."

    Mike was glad to welcome Division 11 Lt. Governor Sergio Rosas to our meeting.

    We all enjoyed the pre-recorded presentation from Victoria Eichler of the City Heights Music School and Mariachi Victoria de San Diego.

    Fines and Bill's Bucks were pledged from:

    • Karina Sousa - no badge

    • Claire LeBeau - has her badge which she was supposed to return after Laurels

    • Doug Frost - has way too many badges

    • Judy Leitner - great program coming up in August at Home Depot Design

    • Mike Boland - left Karina’s birthday social early

    • Shaun McArdle - celebrating the Maritime Museum’s lecture on how to make a sail

    • Sergio Rosas - thank you for a great program

    After a recap of past events and preview of upcoming, Mike rang the closing bell.

    If you missed it, you can watch the recorded video here:

    And, then make sure to come to future in-person and virtual events!

  • 4 May 2022 9:55 AM | Anonymous

    So many familiar faces joined the May 3rd luncheon at Tom Ham's Lighthouse!

    In addition to members we have seen and some we haven't seen in a while, we were happy to welcome:

    President Mike Boland rang the bell to start the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Justin Frisco led our invocation.

    Jay Jeffcoat led our song -- Take Me Out to the Ballgame -- and then introduced our speaker, Sarah Beckman from Forever Balboa Park.

    We inducted new member Kevin Currier.

    And, much merriment ensued when we asked for fines and contributions to Bill's Bucks including donations from:

    • Karina Sousa - celebrate her birthday; great to see old and new friends

    • Doug Frost - soon to have new son-in-law

    • Judy Leitner - forgot her pin

    • Mike Boland - didn’t bring his mother

    • John Rush - missed most meetings

    • Joe Sigurdson - no pin or badge & 43rd anniversary

    • Brian Krause - 17th anniversary and married in Balboa Park at the Natural History Museum, Karina’s birthday, welcoming Kevin, reconnecting with Javier, welcoming Angelica

    • Jay Jeffcoat - 5 years with his significant other, fraternity brother memorials at UCSB

    • Javier Guerrero - thank you for grant to Coastal Roots Farms

    • Glen Honig - arrived late, daughter getting married

    • Heather Robinson - please come to Key Club event May 11

    • Jim Melvin - grandaughter’s volleyball championship from Harvard-Westlake

    • Shaun McArdle - celebrating 87 years young!

  • 20 Apr 2022 10:53 AM | Anonymous

    The Kiwanis Club of San Diego welcomed 7 scholars and 6 university representatives to our meeting on April 19, 2022!

    President Mike Boland rang the bell to kick off the meeting and lead the pledge of allegiance.

    New member Jeremy Alexander gave a meaningful welcoming invocation.

    Scholar Elizabeth Gaitan, a music student as SDSU, led the crowd in a verse from "This Land is Your Land."  She graciously accepted this role on the spot as she walked in the door to the luncheon.  Thank you, Elizabeth!

    Scholarship Committee Chair Justin Frisco welcomed all our guests.

    Later Elizabeth led the singing of "Happy Birthday" to Steve Morris, who interviewed the honored scholars:

    • Cesar Caro, Cal State San Marcos
    • Isabelle Etore, Point Loma Nazarene
    • Elizabeth Gaitan, SDSU
    • Sol Griffin, USD
    • Kalo Grimsby, UCSD
    • Luke Loprete, SDSU
    • Emi Matsu, Point Loma Nazarene

    Congratulations to a well-deserving group!

  • 6 Apr 2022 9:51 AM | Anonymous

    The April 5 luncheon began with Karina Sousa, Club Secretary, ringing the bell and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Shaun McArdle led a meaningful invocation, and Doug Frost led singing of America the Beautiful, not All Along the Watchtower - which he really wanted to lead!

    The members were thrilled by a presentation from Ron Lee, of Skydiving Innovations.  

    We celebrated the upcoming birthdays of Doug Frost, Steve Morris, and Shaun McArdle. 

    Then we got a grant recipient update update from Teresa Valenzuela and Azahalia Valdez of the San Diego Futures Foundation.  Azahalia told us she had been involved with Kiwanis since childhood, so it felt like she was coming full circle to attend our luncheon.

    Fun times were had by all!

  • 15 Mar 2022 7:30 AM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    A group of Kiwanians met for breakfast at the Broken Yolk in the Gaslamp Quarter on March 15th at 7:30 a.m.! 

    The early start didn’t seem to be a problem with the vibrant members and guests in attendance. 

    It was great to see Tom Bauer and Luis Ocana in the house! Jim Floros outbid all for the dog toy + treat combo donated in honor of Ruby Sousa’s birthday. 

    Brian Krause was late so was fined by being the Chairman of the Day but did a fabulous job introducing our fearless fencer, Judge Vic Bianchini!

    Judge B, the world champion fencer, enlightened the group on the world of fencing. It was an amazing program and we all learned some valuable information!

  • 2 Mar 2022 9:57 AM | Anonymous

    The Club went on an outing on 3/1/22 to the River Center at Grant Park, still under construction. 

    We donned hard hats and vests, and Rob Hutsel, President and CEO of the San Diego River Park Foundation, led us on a tour through the construction site, as we imagined what was to come.


    Afterwards we enjoyed a box lunch nearby, and President Mike Boland asked the Club to open their hearts and wallets, giving all collected money directly to the San Diego River Park Foundation.

    A fun outing for all involved -- looking forward to more Kiwanis adventures!

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