San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc.


The Kiwanis Club of San Diego works in concert with the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc. (the ‘Foundation’).  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation incorporated in California that annually provides more than $180,000 to projects and organizations in the community.

The primary purpose of the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation is to provide a means for members and others to provide charitable contributions and to ensure those contributions are utilized in accordance with the Foundation’s guidelines as well as state and federal law.

Annual Member Contributions

We appreciate the spirit of volunteerism and support for the Foundation by all members of the Kiwanis Club and hope you will help us reach 100% participation in our 2017-2018 pledge drive. Please send your annual contribution to the Foundation by clicking on the Donation button below.

Team Budgets

Each year the Kiwanis Club teams prepare their annual budgets and these budgets are presented to the Kiwanis Club Board of Directors. The Club board then proposes a budget to the Foundation board to meet the team requests.

The Foundation board reviews the charitable requests and approves those requests that meet the guidelines for appropriate use of those funds.

Guidelines For Use of Foundation Funds

Funds of the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation must be used for charitable, educational, religious or other youth related activities, as provided by the Bylaws of the Kiwanis Club and the Foundation, and must also be consistent with provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and the California Revenue and Taxation Code to preserve the Foundation’s tax-exempt status.  These are general guidelines – reasonable variations may be considered by the Foundation Trustees.

  • Funds should be used primarily for charitable purposes involving the Club, Club teams and Club members, rather than being a conduit for contributions to other worthy community causes.
  • Generally, priority should be given to using funds for projects where the assistance of other agencies is not readily available.
  • To permit maximum use of funds granted, emphasis should be more on donations to groups and less on individuals.
  • Generally, funds should be applied to advance the goals, aims or objectives of the individual or group donee, rather than be used for administrative expenses.
  • A specific objective for the use of funds is more desirable that a broader one.
  • The use of funds should be limited primarily to the geographic area of the County of San Diego, but may be applied to other geographic locations as determined by the Foundation Trustees.
  • Donation recipients should be required to provide public recognition of the fact that the Club and Foundation are the source of the donation when feasible; this is particularly the case when capital donations are made and a plaque of acknowledgment may be appropriate. The Club and Foundation may be reluctant to make a contribution where this is not possible.
  • Scholarship awards will be made under the supervision of the Scholarship Team, following the Foundation’s criteria and guidelines.
  • Funds may not be given to or used for individual Club or Foundation members or their relatives.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, contributions to government agencies should be avoided.
  • Contributions for capital improvements should be infrequent.

Team member requests for foundation funds or expense reimbursement should be in writing on the following forms.

Link to Check Request + Reimbursement Form 

2019-2020 Officers

James Floros, President

Justin Frisco, Immediate Past President

Vic BianchiniFirst Vice President

David Jay, Secretary

Doug Frost, Treasurer & CFO

Board of Trustees:

 Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022
Charles Day Claire O'Leary Tom Bauer
Brian Krause Steve Morris Jay Jeffcoat
Karina Sousa VacantCarl Nettleton

Kiwanis Club President, Judy Leitner

Scholarship Chair, Justin Frisco

Foundation Past Presidents

1953 – Leo Calland 1975-76 – Robert H. Bollum
1998-99 – Wilbur T. Shigehara
1954 – Herbert C. Peiffer, Jr. 1976-77 – Donald F. Osgood
1999-00 – Jim Polak
1955 – Leslie Gehres 1977-78 – Jack M. Templeton
2000-01 – Jim Ledwith
1956 – Dr. Roy French Kidd 1978-79 – Griff J. Hayes
2001-02 – Jay Jeffcoat
1957 – Norman D. Ferguson 1979-80 – Richard L. Haugh
2002-03 – Chuck Day
1958 – Dr. Cecil D. Hardesty 1980-81 – Bernhard H. Bieri
2003-04 – Norm House
1959 – Dr. Cunningham 1981-82 – Eldon C. Williams
2004-05 – Jim Floros
1960 – Julius J. Fink 1982-83 – Charles F. Merz
2005-06 – Bruce Boland
1961 – Pat N. Hyndman 1983-84 – C.L. Toleson
2006-07 – Chuck Mulroy
1962 – Lawrence Carr Jr. 1984-85 – Jim Hurry
2007-08 – John Kizer
1963 – George K. Palmer 1985-86 – Tom Peek
2008-09 – Gene Auerbach
1964 – Edward P. Scott 1986-87 – J. Scofield Hage
2009-2010 – Brian Krause
1965 – Edward P. Scott 1987-88 – Victor Hall
2010-2011 – Art Stillwell
1966 – Alvin Rosa 1988-89 – Walter A. Zitlau
2011-2012 – John Rush
1967 – George K. Palmer 1989-90 – Melvyn B. Stein
2012-2013- Monica Ball
1968 – Fred S. Hage, Jr. 1990-91 – Timothy J. Willard
2013-2014 – Tom Bauer
1969 – O.W. Todd, Jr. 1991-92 – Richard A. Shaw
2014-2015 – Drue Jordan
1969-70 – Julius J. Fink 1992-93 – Richard A. Shaw
2015-2016 – Judy Leitner
1970-71 – Jim McFarland 1993-94 – Jack T. Saucier 2016-2017 – Norma Trost Foor
1971-72 – Richard L. Johnston 1994-95 – Richard McCraken
2017-2018 – Daniel Williams
1972-73 – Edwin W. Bingham 1995-96 – James Vivoli
2018-2019 – Justin Frisco
 1973-74 – Milton R. Cheverton1996-97 – Charles Kakos

1974-75 – Robert W. Klaiber1997-98 – Don McKee 

Form 990

The IRS Form 990 for the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation is available for review by appointment during regular business hours at 3276 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 202, San Diego, California.

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