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  • 16 Nov 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Our virtual luncheon began with a warm welcome from President Susan Day.

    Then Susan introduced our speaker, Chief John Wood, who spoke about the operations of fire rescue in San Diego.  The members in attendance virtually were engaged and asked some interesting questions including:

    • Who pays for the food at the fire station?
    • How long before a fire truck is retired? In years and mileage.
    • How are the numbers on the trucks determined?
    • Do fire stations have solar panels on their roofs?

    For these and more answers, you can watch the video.

    After our speaker, members were pleased to learn of Carl Nettleton's recent successes with his organization Open Oceans GlobalLauren Cook updated the Club about her recent received grant for Survivors of Suicide Loss.

    The meeting ended with a quick recap of past events and look forward to future events.

  • 1 Nov 2022 11:47 AM | Anonymous

    We are grateful to our hosts from the Comic-Con Museum who provided a lovely breakfast and tour of the museum.

    Our abbreviated meeting began when President Susan Day rang the bell.

    We welcomed guests from the Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club -- George and Kathy Butterstein and Vic Enchelmayer.

    Then we wished Brian Krause happy birthday in absentia.

    Our members gave Bill's Bucks to celebrate:

    • Jeremy Alexander - a successful Salvation Army BBQ
    • Gordon Boerner - a variety of events plus paying of old fines
    • Kevin Currier - his daughter's soccer success
    • Judy Leitner - so many good things plus an upcoming trip
    • Heather Robinson - a family wedding
    • John Rush - happy to be back in San Diego

    We were delighted to receive a private tour of the makerspace.

    And the rest of the museum.

    ending at the Spiderman exhibit.

  • 18 Oct 2022 1:29 PM | Anonymous

    Vice President Steve Morris opened our virtual luncheon in our President's absence and welcomed 13 members, 3 guests, and 6 members from the Escondido Kiwanis Club.

    Immediate Past President Mike Boland introduced our speaker Dr. Federico Rossano, who spoke about the research he is doing at UCSD on dog cognition.  He shared his research findings and played several videos showing dogs communicating to their owners using buttons that play words.  The virtual audience was fascinated and amused by the topic and the videos.

    The Club had celebrated most of the October birthdays at our in-person meeting earlier in the month, so we went on to Bill's Bucks.

    Thank you to:

    Karina Sousa - pledged money in honor of the great program and because she enjoyed seeing guest Heidi Callan (Ryan Callan's wife) and long-time member Eldon Thompson in the Zoom room.

    Doug Frost - pledged money in honor of Stanford's recent win over Notre Dame.  When asked, Doug claimed he didn't know about the Padres recent success.

    After reviewing the last few weeks' successful events and looking forward to events to come, the meeting ended on time.

  • 4 Oct 2022 11:11 AM | Anonymous

    Incoming President Susan Day rang the bell to open the first meeting of the new Kiwanis year.  And, we were all excited to be at a brand-new location downtown at UCSD Park & Market.

    After leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Susan welcomed our guests Evan Kay, Kurt Cecconi and Mark Neville.  Mark gave an inpromptu update of the Holiday Bowl.

    Next, Past President Mike Boland introduced our speaker, Gil Cabrera, President of the Board of the San Diego Airport Authority.  Gil updated us on the plans for the new Terminal 1.  Members were engaged and asked lots of questions.

    On to birthday celebrations for these members:

    10/1 – Gordon Boerner
    10/3 – Susan Day
    10/7 – John Rush
    10/9 – Sanam Charlton
    10/14 – Richard Shaw
    10/16 – Jay Jeffcoat
    10/16 – Paul Riggs
    10/19 – Monica Ball

    Our members were very generous with their self-fines and celebrations to commemorate:

    • Jim Floros - for waking up
    • David Jay - forgot his pin
    • Carl Nettleton - forgot his pin and his son and wife are in London
    • Justin Frisco - Burn Institute event was lovely
    • Judy Leitner - Carl’s phone went off
    • Karina Sousa - for absence
    • Gordon Boerner - for absence
    • Jay Jeffcoat - Padres in playoffs, his birthday, years in club
    • Ryan Callan 
    • Mike Boland - Kiwanis water bottle auction winner, donated to Susan
    • Jeremy Alexander - no pin
    • Brian Krause 
    • Susan Day - her birthday
    • Monica Ball - her birthday

    Judy Leitner presented Mike Boland with his Past President Kiwanis pin.

    Mike Boland presented Susan Day with her President Kiwanis pin.

    Susan Day presented Steve Morris with his Vice President Kiwanis pin.

    We did a recap of last month's events, including the service project with Jeremy Alexander and the Salvation Army.

    We ended with a look forward towards upcoming invents, the meeting concluded on time!

  • 22 Sep 2022 11:41 AM | Anonymous

    What a fabulous night on September 20 to celebrate Kiwanians and install the new Board! 

    Lots of fun and frolicking with a SNL Celebrity Jeopardy panel -- Sean Connery, French Stewart, Burt Reynolds, but looking at lot like members Jay Jeffcoat, David Jay, Justin Frisco. With their hosts, Alex Trebek aka Brian Krause and co-host Karina Sousa.

    Kiwanis International reps included Region 1 Trustee Lisa Watson and District Secretary Mark McDonald, although Mark proudly is a long-time member of Kiwanis of San Diego.

    Sanam Charlton earned a Distinguished Service Award for her great work on the Community Impact Grant Team.

    New member Kevin Currier earned his official name tag and a Distinguished Service Award!

    Jeremy Alexander also earned his official name tag and Distinguished Service Award.  Plus he acted as DJ at the event!  Our new members are making us proud!

    Heather Robinson earned a Youth Service Award.

    As did Jeremy Hersch, for making the 65th Annual Laurels for Leaders happen as the President.

    Mike Boland was honored and thanked for his 2 years of service as President alongside his beautiful wife Christy.

    Chuck Day was awarded an upgrade to his Hixson -- now at Diamond Level!

    Doug Frost also received an upgrade to his Hixson. Another Diamond fellow.

    Jay Jeffcoat aka Sean Cwas honored for 45 years as a Kiwanian!

    Gordon Boerner received his 30-year pin! Jim Floros also has been a Kiwanian for 30 years!

    Scody Hage -- 45 years, Richard Shaw - 45 years, and Eldon Thompson -- 40 years were not in attendance but honored nonetheless.

    Judy Leitner was thanked for her many years of service through all her positions, and most recently as outgoing Immediate Past President.

    Susan Day was welcomed as incoming President.

    Steve Morris will be following Susan as incoming Vice President.

    The entire incoming board includes:

    President Susan Day

    Immediate Past President Mike Boland

    Vice President Steve Morris

    Secretary Karina Sousa

    Treasurer Brian Krause

    Class of 2023 - Glen Honig and Kevin Currier

    Class of 2024- Justin Frisco and Tom Bauer

    Class of 2025- Gordon Boerner and Ryan Callan

    Looking great for 2023!

  • 7 Sep 2022 10:39 AM | Anonymous

    President Mike Boland called our Annual Meeting to order on Zoom, and we quickly got to the major business at hand, election of next year's board:

    • President Susan Day
    • Immediate Past President Mike Boland
    • Secretary Karina Sousa
    • Treasurer Brian Krause
    • Class of 2023: Glen Honig, Kevin Currier
    • Class of 2024: Justin Frisco, Tom Bauer
    • Class of 2025: Gordon Boerner, Ryan Callan

    Next, we discussed that it is time to renew membership -- due October 1.

    Next year we have condensed our teams into these 5 and would like all members to join and participate in one of them:

    • Membership
    • Programming/speaker
    • Community grants
    • Scholarships
    • Community service

    Club Secretary Karina Sousa gave a tutorial of WildApricot's features including the membership directory, event registration, linking to Google calendar, and more.  She also encouraged members to download the WildApricot app and to follow Kiwanis on all our social media platforms:

    We wished happy birthday to:

    • Tom Bauer - 9/7
    • Kevin Currier - 9/11
    • Jim Floros - 9/22
    • Claire LeBeau - 9/24
    • Carl Nettleton - 9/28

    Then we collected fines / Bill's Bucks and auctioned off Padres tickets.  The winners in these categories:

    • Carl Nettleton - celebrating his birthday
    • Claire LeBeau - birthday and winner of the Padres tickets for date night before baby #2 appears
    • Mike Boland - congrats to Claire
    • Judy Leitner - working on a kitchen remodel
    • Karina Sousa - congrats to Claire
    • Gordon Boerner - no Kiwanis gear when he showed up at the STAR/PAL service project

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at all the exciting upcoming events!

  • 17 Aug 2022 11:17 AM | Anonymous

    Vice President Susan Day opened our virtual luncheon by welcoming all members and guests attending.

    Jay Jeffcoat introduced our speaker, Jon Haveman Executive Director of the National Economic Education Delegation.

    Jon gave an interesting and informative discussion of Climate Change Economics, ending with an educated Q&A session.

    There were no August birthdays to celebrate, so members were asked to self-fine or boast about their goings in which included:

    • Karina Sousa - can't remember everyone's fines and missed the last Happy Hour she planned
    • Carl Nettleton - his non-profit Open Oceans Global got media coverage when announcing Citizen Science Initiative
    • Doug Frost - forgot his pin
    • Ryan Callan - forgot his pin
    • Jeremy Alexander- forgot his pin
    • David Jay- forgot his pin & was Zooming from Kentucky where he was celebrating his sister's birthday

    Susan Day gave a brief summary of the Burn Institute's Camp Beyond the Stars that was supported by a grant from the Foundation

    If you missed it, you can watch the video and then plan to join us next time!

  • 3 Aug 2022 9:35 AM | Anonymous

    On August 2, 2022, the Club had a change of scenery by holding a meeting at the Home Depot Design Center, one of only two such centers in the United States.

    Members enjoyed a gourmet meal prepared by chefs in the demonstration kitchen.

    During the abbreviated meeting, Club Secretary Karina Sousa welcomed Mary and Tony Haas and Kathy and George Butterstein, members of the Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club for joining us.

    Bill's Bucks were collected from:

    • Kathy Butterstein - thank you for inviting us to your events
    • Judy Leitner - thank you to Judith for organizing
    • Doug Frost - looking forward to going to the District Convention
    • Emily Krause - wish husband Brian was here as he is the family chef

    After the meeting, we were led on a hands-on tour which proved to be a lot of fun.

  • 20 Jul 2022 9:21 AM | Anonymous

    President Mike Boland started the July 21 virtual luncheon meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

    After watching a YouTube video of the Marine's Hymn, Jeremy Alexander gave a meaningful invocation from his own life and one of his client's.

    Our speaker was Judi Patterson from Mental Health America who told of the current mental health struggles many are facing and gave some helpful strategies for dealing with them.

    We celebrated the July birthdays of Jeremy Alexander, Danny Williams, June Prewitt and Chuck Day.

    Next it was some for self-fines and Bill's Bucks.  Our members pledged:

    • Karina Sousa - apologizing for the mess her dog Ruby made in the office hallway and thanking Doug for cleaning it up
    • Carl Nettleton - celebrating Oceans Global Institute's new app
    • Doug Frost - apologizing for not being ready for the meeting and sharing the discovery of 6 signed letters from J. Edgar Hoover and 1 signed letter from Herbert Hoover found during the office overal
    • Judy Leitner - supporting the Club

    The meeting ended with a recap of past events and look forward to the future events.  If you missed the meeting you can watch here:

  • 22 Jun 2022 10:16 AM | Anonymous

    Vice President Susan Day started our virtual meeting by ringing the bell and then led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Karina Sousa offered words of inspiration from Mother Teresa.

    The members were impressed to watch the Navy Band perform "Stars and Stripes Forever" at their individual homes over Zoom.

    Susan welcomed Alynne De Vilmorin, President of the Bonita Club to our meeting.

    We enjoyed a fascinating presentation about the complexity of transportation in San Diego County from Phil Trom of SANDAG.  Club members had many questions, and Phil sent a follow-up email with this link to answer some of them.

    Fines and Bill's Bucks were pledged from:

    • Karina Sousa - who shared a story about a Red Shoe donor who went to high school with Chuck Day and was also grateful to spend time with Tom and Monica at the recent Happy Hour

    • Carl Nettleton - whose daughter-in-law graduated from Stanford

    • Doug Frost - who is spending quality time in quarantine with his daughter in Tulsa

    • Alynne De Vilmorin - was grateful to join our Club meeting

    • Chuck Day - who is thankful for the Club's participation in Red Shoe Day and apologetic that he did not meet with his mentee new member Kevin Currier

    • Kevin Currier - who is new to San Diego and has learned to curse traffic but appreciated the complexity of the issue better after Phil Trom's presentation

    Susan closed the meeting with a recap of past events and preview of upcoming.

    If you missed it, you can watch the recorded video here:

    Lots of exciting things planned; please join us online and in-person!

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