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  • 21 Jan 2020 11:04 AM | Anonymous

    You missed a great Club Meeting on Tuesday, January 21st! We welcomed an interclub from the Anaheim Kiwanis Club, heard from Aztec Marching Drum Line Students and accepted fines and Happy Dollars from Club Members. Join us on Tuesday, February 4th as we welcome and honor local law enforcement professionals. Aren't a member yet? Join us for a meeting - the first luncheon is on us!

  • 8 Jun 2019 8:30 AM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    Our International Children's Services Team took their Annual Trip to Tijuana on June 8th! The Kiwanians in attendance were John Rush, Conny Jamison, Jennifer Lim, Clare Truong, and Karina Sousa. They visited Vida Joven and Hospital Infantil de Los Californias! It is always a pleasure to see the great work these two organizations do for children that are in great need! Both Beth Beall and Betty Jones are incredibly inspiring for all the work they do! 

    Here are some pictures to recap the trip: 

  • 4 Jun 2019 12:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    On June 4th, we had a Kiwanis luncheon featuring our Gompers Preparatory Academy Key Club! These 10 vibrant students were accompanied by their incredible advisers! The students introduced themselves and then their new President began our Club Meeting! We heard from all of the seniors on where they plan to attend and what Key Club has meant to them. Everyone in attendance was inspired! We look forward to seeing all the great things these young adults will accomplish!

    Tim Callan was also in the house updating us on our Foundation! We received lots of positive information on our portfolio which is always a plus! Tim also included some useful financial information for the Key Club students on how to avoid major debt! 

  • 18 Sep 2018 12:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    On Tuesday, September 18th, we had our Club Installation! Thank you to the service of all the officers + directors for 2017-2018! You are appreciated by all!  

    Video Recap:

    • President Patrick started us off with his happy dollars and highlighted how delicious the filet was at the last luncheon. He also reflected on his term as President - congrats, Patrick! You did it while being a new dad! 
    • Rick + Shari Webster are celebrating 33 years of marriage - congrats to our dynamic Kiwanis duo! 
    • Floros had the 'Best Day of His Life' at the 8th Annual Blues Festival for the San Diego Food Bank! 
    • Jeffcoat rolled in looking fly with his shades so we all thought he was VIP but in fact he was recovering from a successful eye surgery. 
    • Judy thanked Patrick for his year and knows Krause will be a great second term as Presidente! 
    • Monica is venturing to LA to see modular flyaway designer homes that come in $100k per resident which is dramatically under affordable housing. 
    • Krause gloated in the SDSU win against Patrick's Sun Devils. He also shockingly remembered to wear his Kiwanis pin, mainly because he made Frisco wear a Kansas City pin due to a Pittsburgh loss on Sunday. We can all now refer to Krause as the "Old Block" thanks to his daughter Abigail! 
    • Bauer put in a happy $100 because he missed his birthday meeting and it's the combo of his years in Kiwanis + life - we love you, Tom! 
    • Lauren also loved the filet mignon from the meeting that everyone missed and sent her son off to college! She's also celebrating her second year with Kiwanis, thank you Lauren! 
    • Karina thanked all those who reached out to her regarding her injury! She has a potential herniated disc so is extra sassy these days! Go easy on her!

    Doug, our District Trustee, performed the Installation. Your Club Officers + Board of Directors for 2018-2019

    Club Officers 2017-2018

    • Brian Krause, President
    • Patrick Maurer, Immediate Past President
    • Judy Leitner, Vice President
    • Karina Sousa, Secretary
    • Ryan Callan, Treasurer

    Club Board of Directors

    Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
    David Gugerty Tom Yahner Susan Day
    Jean Roesch Monica Ball Joe Sigurdson
    Rick Webster Suzie Zlaket Peg Battersby

    The President's gave out the following awards for incredible service to our club: 

    Distinguished Service Award

    • David Jay 
    • Lauren Cook
    • Chris Pare
    • Carole Cuttita
    • Suzie Zlaket
    • Shaun McArdle

    William A. Dunlap Fellowship

    • Chuck Day
    • Brian Krause

    • Judy Leitner
    • Justin Frisco

    We have lots of exciting events on the horizon for this upcoming Kiwanis year and you'll want to be sure to register to save your seat! 





    ECOLIFE Gala



    LT. Gov Installation






    Evening Social






    Evening Service Project


    More information on upcoming events: 

    1st Tuesday: 10/2 - SoccerCity vs. SDSU West - $20 pre-register/$30 at the door

    SoccerCity and SDSU Mission Valley: Two approaches to the same valuable, city-owned 166 acres in Mission Valley. In many ways, the approaches are remarkably same. They both include a stadium, housing, commercial development and parkland. But in other ways, they depart significantly from each other on key land-use details.

    This November we as San Diegans will have the opportunity to decide the future of this important piece of land. Both SDSU West and Soccer City will present at our the luncheon followed by Q&A.

    2nd Tuesday: 10/9 - Evening Social @ Maverick's Pacific Beach

    Join us for our 2nd Tuesday Evening Social at Maverick's Pacific Beach! The summer never stops in San Diego, but the time the sun sets does, so let's take advantage of our last sunset while playing outdoor games! Some members will arrive as early as 4:30, others will arrive around 5, and we will stay till the 6:30/7 or until we feel like leaving! 

    3rd Tuesday: 10/16Jeff Figler: world expert on collectibles! $20 pre-register/$30 at the door

    How did Jeff get started? His mother, Millie, never threw away his baseball cards or comic books.

    INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY: As one of the only certified memorabilia appraisers in the country. Jeff will appraise any SINGLE item that Kiwanians and their guests bring to our luncheon! Be sure to pre-register! 

    5th Tuesday: 10/30 - Serve at the SD Food Bank + Social 

    Join us for our 5th Tuesday Evening Service Project at the San Diego Food Bank! We will serve in the evening shift from 6-8pm and will head to Duckfoot Brewing for a social to follow! You MUST register through the Food Bank website in order to serve! Need help? Contact Karina - karinakiwanis@gmail.com 

  • 21 Aug 2018 12:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    On August 21st, we packed the house at Admiral Baker for our Annual Meeting of the Foundation! We were graced with the presence of Trina from Kiwanis as well as our dear member + District Secretary, Mark McDonald! Thank you for making the trip down from Arrowhead and participating in our golf tournament! 

    Vice President, Justin Frisco, led us in our Annual Meeting. 

    We ended the meeting early to get our golfers out on the course for the perfect day of golf! Here's a video recap of the luncheon + golf social! I think I had the most fun driving around the golf cart making sure everyone stayed hydrated! I look forward to getting more golfers out there for our next golf social - ahem Jim Floros you owe us!

  • 15 Aug 2018 6:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    We had another successful dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on August 15th! We served the very popular Tacos y Gorditas to over 175 people! The awesome Chuck Day sponsored a fabulous musician for us to enjoy for the evening which was wonderful!! SPECIAL thanks to Suzie for her years of service as Chair of our Dinner Committee! We look forward to the amazing Webster duo taking the helm for 18-19! Thank you to Kiwanians Suzie + Dick, Rick + Shari, David Jay + his lovely daughter, Judy, Norma, Conny, Fritz + Susan, new member Betsy + Karina for volunteering!

  • 7 Aug 2018 3:21 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    We had a fabulous luncheon at Admiral Baker on August 7, 2018! Our Kiwanians were dressed in the summer finest and we were able to admire some great legs (aka Eldon)! 

    The Southeastern Club came to REPRESENT with members, Harvey, Nathan, Gordon, Woody, Beverly, Stephanie and of course the fabulous Zoneice in attendance! We LOVE their energy!  

    We had a VERY special visitor in town, Ethel Merriman, who was a previous member of our Kiwanis Club! She now lives in Iowa and we miss dearly! It was so great to have her join us at lunch! 

    A potential new member came to check us out who has a long line of Kiwanis family history! He even brought the badge his grandfather had! We hope to see David again at an upcoming luncheon! 

    The club celebrated the August birthdays - the big one being Fritz turning the big 8-0 on 8/2! We'll celebrate Norma's birthday again on the 21st because it's NORMA MONTH! 

    Karina made sure to recognize Norma at the meeting for all her tireless hours working to keep our club alive. She is the main pillar holding up this club. She has been and still is extremely instrumental in the sustainability and growth of this club. There is no way we would still be functioning today if it weren't for Norma! She is always behind the scenes and never gets the recognition and appreciation she deserves so next time you see her, give her a big hug and tell her she's awesome! 

    Gary Knight, our newest member, was inducted today and shared lots of interesting information about our current state of technology. We look forward to getting to know Gary better and helping bring more technology into our community! 

    Last but not least, we had the smart, talented + good lookin' Callan brothers present the latest financials for our Foundation! If you missed the meeting and want to view their presentation, click here! (IF you have trouble accessing and still want a copy, just email Karina - karina@sousa.com) 

    Here is a VIDEO of the meeting recap for those that like the visuals :) ;

  • 17 Jul 2018 12:06 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    Last Tuesday, July 17th, we ventured up to Escondido for our offsite luncheon at the beautiful home of Bill Toone + Sunni! We were hosted by the amazing Anne Middleton + Connor Leone from Ecolife who made a fabulous spread and gave a wonderful tour!

    This is our 2nd Annual visit with Ecolife and we look forward to the 3rd visit next summer with a special visit to their Aquaponics ranch!

    Join us at ECOLIFE Conservation’s Annual Gala on September 22nd in Mission Valley! It is an event you surely don’t want to miss!

    For more information about the incredible organization that is ECOLIFE, visit www.ecolifeconservation.org

    Club members in attendance: Danny Williams, David Jay, Judy Leitner + friend Laura Schumacher, Fritz Warmbrodt, Doug Frost, Callan Family, Shaun McArdle with daughter Nancy, David Gugerty, Tom Bauer, Charlie Coleman, Justin Frisco + Karina Sousa! 

    If you have not attended a visit with ECOLIFE be sure to join us next summer 2019 with a special visit to the Aquaponics Ranch!! 

  • 5 Jun 2018 2:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)
    On Tuesday, June 5th, we met for our 1st Tuesday luncheon! Our Gompers Preparatory Key Club came for their annual take-over. The GPA Key Club President Susan Fallas began the meeting, followed by the pledge led by Yahamel Felix, invocation from Lizzeth Serna + animated patriotic song from Victoria Orozco. Key Club Prez Fallas also updated us on all the amazing things GPA Key Club is doing! 

    In attendance from Gompers, we had Alondra Lopez (12th), Lizzeth Serna (12th), Amanda Siri (12th), Justin Xaysanasith (12th), Victoria Orozco (11th), Jazmine Quirino (11th), Susan Fallas (11th), Yahamel Felix (11th), Daliah Philpot (11th), Alejandro Garcia (11th), Senai Hagos (11th) Senait Hagos (10th). We also were happy to have the faculty advisers David Suh + Puneet Gill with us as well! 

    Our GPA Scholarship Recipients this year are: Lizzeth Serna, Alondra Lopez, Justin Xaysanasith + Amanda Siri! 

    We had two birthdays to celebrate this week ~ Ryan Callan 

    [Picture taken at the International Relief Teams house build 11/2017]

    + the first woman to be inducted into our Kiwanis Club, Zelda Ramsbothom 

    [who looks shockingly similar to Eldon Thompson] 

    Here's a video to recap parts of the luncheon:









    Networking Social


    94th Aero Squadron


    New this month: summer fun!


    Club Luncheon


    Admiral Baker






    Downtown Front + A St


    WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Reply here if you can attend!




    Networking Social


    94th Aero Squadron


    Special guest speaker – come to find out!




    Toone’s Casa Escondido


    Super fun offsite luncheon hosted by Bill + Sunni Toone!


    Play 4 Say


    Liberty Station


    More info on this event here!


    Club Luncheon


    Admiral Baker



    Serve Dinner

    5-8:00 pm

    Ronald McDonald House


    Serve dinner for the fabulous families @ RMHSD!  


    Club Luncheon + Golf Social


    Admiral Baker


    Save the date for a fun golf fundraiser at Admiral Baker for our Kiwanis Club! Abbreviated lunch followed by golf!

  • 15 May 2018 2:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)



    MAY 15, 2018

    12:00 Noon

    The Annual Kiwanis Club Meeting was called to order on May 15th at 12:15 p.m. at Admiral Baker. President Maurer determined that a quorum of membership was present. The matters voted on and approved were as follows: 

    President, Brian Krause
    Immediate Past President, Patrick Maurer
    Vice President, Judy Leitner
    Treasurer, Ryan Callan
    Secretary, Karina Sousa

    Board of Directors 

    2019 David Gugerty, Jean Roesch. Rick Webster

    2020 Tom Yahner, Monica Ball. Suzie Zlaket

    2021 Susan Day, Joe Sigurdson, Peg Battersby

    The meeting concluded with a great program from San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship! San Diego Therapeutic Horsemanship, formerly San Diego Hippotherapy, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides therapeutic equine assisted services to children and adults with disabilities and special needs, and military veterans. To learn more about this great organization, visit their website
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