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  • 8 Nov 2023 9:52 AM | Anonymous

    President Steve Morris rang the bell to open our November luncheon meeting at Elijah's restaurant.

    After the Pledge of Allegiance, we welcomed several guests:

    • Randy Bellamy from the Bonita Kiwanis Club
    • Avi Klinger, prospective member
    • Dan White, prospective member
    • Rick White, prospective member

    Vice President Justin Morris introduced our speaker from Midway Rising, Jim Andersen.

    The talk was well received, and the meeting continued by welcoming several new and newish members:

    • Greg and Karen Bower
    • Sherry Dietz - who received her official badge
    • Tyler Harris
    • Wendy Reuben - who received her official badge and pin
    • Sitara Sethi - who was inducted as a new member

    We honored Ryan Callan with the Don McKee Spirit of Kiwanis award (although it was from 2021-2).

    We celebrated Brian Krause as the only November birthday with Brian in absentia.

    Bill's Bucks included:

    • Ryan Callan - thank you for his Don McKee award
    • Glen Honig - loves San Diego
    • Karina Sousa - 14 years of Traveling Stories plus Brittany Curran as our new scholarship team chair
    • Emily Morey - 14 years of Traveling Stories plus no fundraising campaign this holiday season and a well-deserved vacation
    • Jay Jeffcoat - an amazing trip to New York, bringing back a bottle of wine to auction off
    • Greg and Karen Bower - won the auction for Jay's wine
    • Lauren Cook - congrats to Gordon for getting Traci Knight to join the Club
    • Gordon Boerner - congrats to Lauren on an amazing SOSL event
    • Randy Bellamy - impressive meeting with so many new members
    • Heather Robinson - overcoming family medical hardships plus participating in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk this weekend
    • Monica Ball - her October birthday plus working on reducing homelessness among minority populations
    • Tyler Harris - ate the last kebob
    • Justin Frisco - won the auction of the SDSU ring that the Bowers thought they were giving to Gordon as a gift
    • Jay Jeffcoat - spotted in Giving Back Magazine
    • Carl Nettleton - congrats to Gordon on getting Dr. Connie Mariano back to visit her old high school
    After a look back at past events and a look forward to future ones, President Morris rang the bell and concluded the meeting.
  • 18 Oct 2023 9:57 AM | Anonymous

    Club President Steve Morris rang the bell to open the first in-person meeting of the Kiwanis year.

    After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, we welcomed guests including:

    • Gene Auerbach, former member (pictured with our own Mark McDonald and Wendy Reuben)
    • Neill Kovrig from Division 21

    Then we welcomed member and our speaker, Carl Nettleton, who spoke about Tijuana River pollution.

    Carl writes the Nett Report.  If you are not receiving it yet, you can read back issues and sign up here.

    Then we honored Carl with the Don McKee Spirit of Kiwanis award.

    Next up was Eri Nall with an update from the San Diego Unified School District Counseling office (pictured with Shaun McArdle).

    We inducted new and returning members:

    • Greg Bower
    • Sherry Dietz
    • Wendy Reuben

    pictured with new-ish members Karen Bower, Lance Grob, Emily Moberly.

    We celebrated these October member birthdays:

    • Gordon Boerner
    • Susan Day
    • Ashley Morey
    • John Rush
    • Sanam Charlton
    • Dick Shaw
    • Jay Jeffcoat
    • Paul Riggs
    • Monica Ball

    and received Bill's Bucks from:

    • Carl Nettleton - thank you for his Don McKee award, several vacations, Nett report awards
    • Doug Frost - great board retreat, high school reunion
    • Neill Kovrig - glad to be visiting from Hillcrest All Inclusive Club
    • Karen Bower - big birthday in September
    • Glen Honig - new location
    • Brian Krause - started a new company, missed a board meeting
    • Wendy Reuben - Gordon Boerner brought her back to the Club, then he retired (Gordon pictured with Jeremy Alexander)
    • Karina Sousa - glad to see Gene, Mark and Neill, amazing networking event at the Mingei, renewing realtor license and getting engaged
    • David Gugerty - glad to be back
    • Mark McDonald - glad to see the Don McKee award that he helped design, district board meeting that renewed his contract 
    • Justin Frisco - won the See's Candies gift card auction (pictured with Steve Morris)

    After recapping prior events and looking forward to upcoming, Steve rang the bell to signal the end of the meeting.

  • 4 Oct 2023 10:06 AM | Anonymous

    Club President Steve Morris opened the meeting and welcomed new and returning members to our first virtual meeting of the Kiwanis year.

    Foundation President Gordon Boerner introduced speaker Andy Field, Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation at the City of San Diego. Members were interested to learn about all the things Parks and Rec does around the city.

    Next we celebrated October member birthdays including:

    • October 1 – Gordon Boerner
    • October 3 – Susan Day
    • October 5 – Ashley Morey
    • October 7 – John Rush
    • October 9 – Sanam Charlton
    • October 14 – Dick Shaw
    • October 16 – Jay Jeffcoat
    • October 16 – Paul Riggs
    • October 19 – Monica Ball

    No meeting, virtual or otherwise, would be complete without member generosity in the form of Bill's Bucks.  This meeting we recognized:

    • Gordon Boerner - for his October birthday, years in the club and gratefulness to Karina Sousa who attended the Downtown San Diego Partnership event representing the Club
    • Jay Jeffcoat - for his birthday, years in the club and fabulous vacation
    • Mike Boland - for his fabulous vacation to Paris with family
    • Karina Sousa - for attending the Downtown San Diego Partnership event representing the Club
    • Susan Day - who is thrilled to turn the presidential reins over to Steve

    The meeting ended by reviewing past events and looking forward to future ones.  If you missed it, you can watch the recording:

  • 20 Sep 2023 12:03 PM | Anonymous

    The Club gathered for the last meeting of the 2022-3 Kiwanis year at the University Club Atop Symphony Towers on September 19.

    We honored members and friends of the Club with several awards:

    • Chuck Day - 25 year Legion of Honor pin
    • Mark McDonald - 35 year Legion of Honor pin
    • Drue Jordan - 40 year Legion of Honor pin
    • Shaun McArdle - Tablet of Honor
    • Gordon Boerner - Top Member Recruit
    • Susan Day - Retiring President, Incoming Immediate Past President
    • Steve Morris - Incoming President
    • Justin Frisco - Incoming Vice President
    • Karina Sousa - Returning Secretary
    • Brian Krause - Returning Treasurer
    • Lauren Cook - Incoming board
    • Glen Honig - Incoming board
    • Lance Grob - Incoming board
    • Dr. Jerry Rey - Youth Service Award
    • Evie Jones - Youth Service Award
    • Tom Bauer - Children's Fund Pin
    • Doug Frost - Incoming Governor Elect
    • Justin Frisco - Distinguished Service Award
    • Heather Robinson - Distinguished Service Award
    • Jim Floros - Distinguished Service Award
    • Susan Day - Hixson
    • Eric Wever - Youth Service Award
    • Sherry Dietz - New Member
    • June Frost - New Member
    • Lance Grob - New Member
    • Emily Moberly - New Member
    • Ashley Morey - New Member
    • Wendy Reuben - New Member
    • Karen Bower - New Member
    • Brittany Curran - New Member
    • Tyler Harris - New Member
    • Evan Kay - New Member
    • Todd Miller - New Member
    • Ryan Stephens - New Member

    In true Kiwanis style, we honored the above by acting out a courtroom scene.  At the end of the event, the actors were thanked for participating:

    • Vic Bianchini
    • Karina Sousa
    • Jay Jeffcoat
    • Jim Floros
    • Brian Krause
    • David Jay

    and a big thank you to DJ Captain Jeremy Alexander.

    Looking forward to another amazing Kiwanis year!

  • 16 Aug 2023 9:06 AM | Anonymous

    President Susan Day rang the bell to open the Club annual meeting at UC San Diego Park and Market. She welcomed members and guests:

    • Annie Fitzgerald
    • Jeanette Gann-Escobar
    • Jay Henslee
    • Ryan Stevens

    After we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, Gordon Boerner introduced our speaker Betsy Brennan, CEO of Downtown San Diego Partnership, who told our members about all the benefits their organization is providing to residents and businesses in downtown.


    After the speaker, we inducted 6 new members:

    • Karen Bower
    • Brittany Curran
    • Lance Grob
    • Tyler Harris
    • Todd Miller
    • Ashley Morey

    Next up, our annual meeting, beginning with approval of last year's minutes.

    Then, a motion was made by Doug Frost and seconded by Gordon Boerner to elect next year's Board of Directors:

    Steve Morris, President
    Susan Day, Immediate Past President
    Justin Frisco, Vice President
    Karina Sousa, Club Secretary
    Brian Krause, Club Treasurer
    2024: Lauren Cook, Tom Bauer
    2025: Gordon Boerner, Ryan Callan
    2026: Glen Honig, Lance Grob

    The motion passed unanimously.

    We wished Brittany Curran a happy birthday!

    Members generously donated Bill's Bucks to celebrate/recognize:

    • Louie Ocana - lost his Kiwanis pin
    • Joe Sigurdson - thank you to Club for helping with Caddyhack
    • Gordon Boerner - upcoming collaboration with Rotary, Lions, Optimists
    • Lauren Cook - thank you to Club for helping at upcoming SOSL walk
    • Karina Sousa - excited about new members
    • Monica Ball - Uplift is proud to work with Downtown San Diego Partnership
    • Ryan Callan - no Kiwanis pin, son's 20th birthday, welcome to new faces
    • Steve Futterman (interclub from Imperial Beach Kiwanis) - Kiwanis San Diego sets the standard
    • Heather Robinson - awesome Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha conference
    • Drue Jordan - just put up Christmas lights
    • Brian Krause - forgot his pin, finished home renovations
    • Carl Nettleton - new grandson born last week, spoke at a Rotary meeting and went to a second Rotary meeting
    • Ryan Stevens (guest of Joe Sigurdson and soon-to-be member) - thanks to Boys to Men and wants to increase service among young people
    • Jay Jeffcoat - just got back from Londo
    • Doug Frost - Governor Elect

    After a recap of past events and look forward to future ones, the meeting adjourned.

  • 21 Jun 2023 11:03 AM | Anonymous

    President Susan Day opened the virtual meeting by welcoming members in the Zoom room, including new members Wendy Reuben and Karen Bower.

    Then we had a quick recap of prior events before Carl Nettleton welcomed our speaker, Jesica Cleaver, from the San Diego County Water Authority.

    Jesica let us know that she had received a scholarship from Kiwanis so felt a kinship towards our group.

    Then we learned about what relatively good shape San Diego is in, compared to other parts of California, with regards to our water supply.

    After the speaker, we celebrated member birthdays:

    • David Jay, June 7
    • Eldon Thompson, June 12
    • Ryan Callan, June 13
    • Justin Frisco, June 18

    Our members generously donated towards the Club in honor of:

    • Carl Nettleton - recently interviewed on television for his efforts with Ocean Opens Global
    • Karina Sousa - disappointed she'd missed such a fabulous service project last weekend with Just in Time for Foster Youth
    • Jeremy Alexander - had an amazing experience at the Just in Time for Foster Youth service project
    • Lauren Cook - used an old Kiwanis Zoom background that ended up helping out in her meeting

    We are looking forward to many amazing upcoming events!

    If you missed the meeting you can watch it online:

  • 12 Jun 2023 10:47 AM | Anonymous

    Kiwanis San Diego Notice of Annual Meeting

    This Annual Meeting will include the Election of 2023/2024 Club Officer and the Class of 2025 Club Board of Directors. 

    Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

    Time: 7:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the meeting is called to order

    Location: UC San Diego Park & Market

    Posted: June 12, 2023

    By: Karina Sousa, Club Secretary

    Annual Meeting of the General Membership of the

    Kiwanis San Diego

    August 15, 2023




    (Click HERE to access)


    Steve Morris, President
    Susan Day, Immediate Past President
    Justin Frisco, Vice President
    Karina Sousa, Club Secretary
    Brian Krause, Club Treasurer

    2024: Lauren Cook, Tom Bauer
    2025: Gordon Boerner, Ryan Callan

    2026: Glen Honig, Lance Grob



  • 6 Jun 2023 10:31 AM | Anonymous

    President Susan Day rang the bell to kick off our June 6th meeting.

    The room at UC San Diego Park & Market was full of members and 3 guests:

    • Todd Miller, former Key Clubber and current UC San Diego Park & Market employee

    • Wendy Reuben, former Kiwanian

    • Ryan Stevens, guest of member Joe Sigurdson

    After the Pledge of Allegiance and a recap of past events, our speaker was introduced by Mike Boland.

    Then we heard from Andy Miller, docent at the USS Midway Museum, who gave us history of the Battle of Midway as well as a brief introduction to the museum.

    After the presentation, we welcomed new members:

    • Emily Moberly
    • June Frost, who transferred from another Club

    We celebrated birthdays of members:

    • David Jay, June 7
    • Eldon Thompson, June 12
    • Ryan Callan, June 13
    • Justin Frisco, June 18

    We collected Bill's Bucks from many members, then auctioned off a bottle of wine that Justin Frisco collected on his travels, and Karina Sousa made the winning bid!

    The meeting ended with a look to all the exciting upcoming events.

  • 17 May 2023 7:56 AM | Anonymous

    President Susan Day started off our virtual luncheon meeting by welcoming everyone in the virtual room.

    We had members report on our past events including Carl Nettleton's recap of the Scholars Breakfast, Lauren Cook's reminiscing about the May networking event, and Karina Sousa's report on the April networking event.

    New member Lance Grob introduced our speaker, Pauline Crooks, VAPA Coordinator with the San Diego County Office of Education. Pauline spoke about Proposition 28 which was of great interest to everyone in attendance.

    We celebrated these May birthdays:

    • 5/6 - Lance Grob
    • 5/12 - Karina Sousa
    • 5/21 - Eric Wever
    • 5/31 - Mark McDonald

    Then we looked at all the exciting planned events for May and beyond.  If you missed the meeting, you can catch it online:

  • 2 May 2023 11:01 AM | Anonymous

    We met at UC San Diego Park and Market for a lovely breakfast honoring our scholarship recipients.

    President Susan Day rang the bell to open the meeting and welcome everyone.  Then she turned to Scholarship Team Captain David Jay to welcome scholarship recipients from:

    San Diego High School Key Club

    St. Augustine Academy Key Club

    Cal State San Marcos

    University of San Diego

    and three students from Point Loma Nazarene University.

    The Club members were able to learn more about these amazing students and see how our scholarships positively impacted their lives.

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