• 16 Jan 2018 4:42 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)
    2018 started off as a success with our first luncheon of the new year! Tom Bauer kicked us off with a wonderful invocation. 

    followed by a patriotic song led by Darren Norton

    We had quite a few special guests that we welcomed with open arms!

    Maura from Children's Hospital of the Californias

    Guests from New Children’s Museum - Erin + Megan Guests Jim + Karen Newest member Mike Boland! Bonita Kiwanis Bonita + Chula Vista Kiwanis! Prez Maurer reflecting on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day We had lots of happy people in attendance giving some bucks for Bill!

    We presented the San Diego Food Bank with a check for $4,500 today. The CEO, our dear Jim Floros, gave us a quick update on all the incredible things going on with the Food Bank! We also presented a check to the Laurels for Leaders crew! Don't miss the Laurels for Leaders luncheon on February 21st at SDSU! Our Chairman of the Day was Carl Nettleton who introduced our speaker, Andy Carey Andy updated us on the border relations with Mexico. The program video ended up being too long to post to Youtube but if you're interested, contact karina@sousa.com! 

    Andy Carey was named Executive Director of the U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership (BPP) in September 2008. The BPP is a binational membership organization that strengthens individuals and institutions that serve border communities so that they can achieve their individual missions in the region. BPP works to grow community philanthropy, leadership and cross-border collaboration in order to increase the human and financial capital needed to address the complex issues facing the region. Since 2008, the BPP has grown to nearly 300 institutional members from across the U.S. and Mexico, training hundreds of civic leaders and dispersing over $150,000 in technical assistance. Additionally BPP has engaged numerous national and international agencies to educate them about the actual realities and assets of the border region. He also serves as Adjunct Faculty member in the University of San Diego’s School on Leadership and Education Sciences, where he teaches a graduate level course in binational nonprofit management. Prior to joining the BPP, Andy served for 15 years at Kiwanis International. Andy served as a member of the Executive Management Team, and was responsible for leading growth initiatives throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific and led Kiwanis’ Worldwide Service Project initiative in Latin America to virtually eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorders. He completed his baccalaureate degree in Political Science and Foreign Language, and his master’s degree in Latin American Studies at Purdue University. Andy is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. In his community, Andy was appointed Commissioner of the Independent Districting Commission to form electoral districts to elect City Council representatives in Escondido, CA. Andy also serves on the advisory board of St. Mary Catholic School.

    More information on the Border Philanthropy Partnership here! 

    Upcoming Events

    THIS FRIDAY – January 19th2018 Drive Out Hunger Golf Classic at Camp Pendleton! Spaces still available!

    January 27th – Boys to Men – 1 Wave Challenge & Beach Run – looking for participants!

    January 30th – Kiwanis Night Out – Location TBD (Looking to confirm a visit to our 2017 CWIP Recipient – New Children’s Museum – Community Gallery – More info to come!)

    January 31st – Club + Foundation Board Meetings – 7am (Club) / 8am (Foundation) – Burn Institute

    February 3rd – Burn Institute – Burn Run/Walk 5k– looking for participants!

    February 6th – Club Luncheon – Rob Hutsel, President/CEO of SD River Park Foundation will talk about Foundation's new facility along river in Mission Valley (CWIP GRANT recipient)

    February 13th – Networking Social: SPEED NETWORKING – Location TBD (Interested? Reply to this email)

    February  14thInterclub: Harbor – 12:10 pm – Waffle House (2323 Midway)

    February 21st – LAURELS FOR LEADERS – 11:30 am – Conrad Prebys – REGISTER ONLINE!

    More information on all of these events listed on our KIWANIS EVENTS PAGE

  • 5 Dec 2017 2:29 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    We had a PACKED house at our Kiwanis luncheon on December 5th at our new location, Admiral Baker with 42 in attendance!  The power went out half way through the luncheon but that didn't slow us down! 

    Art Stillwell started us off with a invocation on the Golden Rule and led us in the song, You're A Grand Ol' Flag. 

    We knocked out our Special Meeting of the Membership. We confirmed we had a quorum of voting membership in good standing. We approved our minutes from our Annual Meeting of General Membership on September 19th. We elected our new 2nd Vice President, Fritz Warmbrodt and we elected Drue Jordan to serve in our Class of 2018 Club Board of Directors (to fill the vacancy for Brian Krause who is now VP). 

    Bill's Bucks

    Judy Lietner came back from San Francisco for a clean energy conference and had a great time!  

    Tom Bauer - reminded us there's only 5 more weeks until LAURELS FOR LEADERS - website up and running - laurelsforleaders.org

    Joe Sigurdson - 60 boys to men weekend - spent saturday working with adaptive surf community - had competition in la jolla shores - complimented on working with the challenged athletes

    Fritz Warmbrodt - salads are wonderful but wants our Prez to negotiate forgetting a salad and going for dessert instead! 

    Jim Floros - 2 meetings in a row, he gets to see his twin brother, Eldon Floros

    Suzie Zlaket - happy to say that Monarch School had their volunteer appreciation event and our Club Foundation was awarded Community Partner for 2017! Suzie thanked her loyal committee - especially Judy who got us involved with Monarch over 17 years ago. We started with only 50 and now we are up to 200! The Dinner Committee will be serving over 600 people through August 2018! 

    Ryan Callan - gave us a recap about the awesome experience he had at the house build with his boys! Who ended up on the roof at one point, which Heidi Callan was SUPER thrilled about! ;) He thanks the SD Kiwanis Club Foundation for their financial support of the International Relief Teams. They crossed the boarder at 7am and 12 hours later, they had build a beautiful home for a single mom living with 2 little kids! Great work team! 

    Shaun McArdle - thankful for being able to ring the bells with the Salvation Army! He commented that they put on QUITE the show! You missed out if you didn't get to see his bell-ringing dance! 

    Carl Nettleton - apologize for NOT being in Tijuana on Saturday with IRT but - no happy wife = no happy life! He was able to see Justin Frisco on the golf course and said do not bet on him since he's a great player! 

    Danny Williams - very impressed that Joe Sigurdson is 5 days into December and hasn't abandoned his Movember mustache and facial hair! 

    David Jay - $5 preemptive THANK YOU to all the volunteers for the Rady Children's Hospital Radiothon next WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY! Thankful one of the kids that is going to be on the air has an incredible story about surviving 2 brain tumor treatments! More info - https://www.radyfoundation.org/radiothon 

    Charlie Coleman - Served over 1400 people at the Downtown Civic Center on Thanksgiving! 

    Susan Day - tomorrow night the Burn Institute has their big Winter Faire and Santa is coming!! 500 Burn Survivors and their families are invited to partake in this winter wonderland! 

    Justin Frisco - reminded us to mark your calendars for our annual Golf Tournament on January 19, 2018! All proceeds to benefit the San Diego Food Bank! 

    David Gugerty - his daughter wasn't able to go to work because of the fires in Ventura - she lives in Simi Valley! 

    Heather Robinson - participating in many events since it was Diabetes Month! She also got an early Christmas present -- a NEW PUPPY! Who is tearing up the house!

    Patrick Maurer - set up his place for Christmas for Sydney and is loving watching her reaction to everything! He is loving every moment of her discovering life, but also glad she's not completely mobile, yet! 

    Our Chairman of the Day, Jay Jeffcoat, gave a fabulous introduction from our speaker who is a fellow El Centro resident, Carl Yaeker. 

    He retired 3 years ago from being an attorney, and in the process took a class on climate change at UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He was not a do-er at the time but couldn't sit idly as he watched the direction of climate change. Or how Carl put it, his wife was sick of him yelling at the TV! He discovered the Citizens Climate Lobby - which lobbies the US Congress politely with preparation and the idea of establishing relationship, all without any funding. This group consists of all volunteers! In a nutshell:

    We exist to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.

    Carl discussed that many people are concerned about climate change, but feel they would never talk about it with anyone because it may start a political argument or is uncomfortable, etc. 

    He also commented that many people are worried because of the growing number of weather events. Carl said that Miami is spending $500 million to reset the storm drains and raise the most important surface streets. During King Tide on a sunny day, the water comes up 3-4 feet from the storm drains! 

    Carl told us the most significant 4 things that he learned in his climate change class: 

    1. It's real
    2. It's us
    3. It's bad
    4. But we can fix it

    Carl stated there great location organizations and state organizations that are on board, the big exception is US Congress. He presented the suggestions their organization has to help address these issues. To learn more, visit citizensclimatelobby.org

  • 2 Dec 2017 7:00 AM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    Our Kiwanians, Brian Krause and Ryan Callan, along with the entire Callan clan, headed down to Mexico on Saturday, December 2nd. Arriving to Mexico at 7am, they worked diligently for 12 hours and successfully completed a house for a single mother and her young children. To be able to give the keys to a family so deserving after one day of work is an experience like none other! We look forward to traveling to Tijuana again next year! 

    Special thanks to Brian Krause for organizing the event and to the International Children's Services Committee for recommending this amazing organization to our Foundation for support! 

  • 1 Dec 2017 2:19 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    In memory of San Diego aviation pioneer Bill Gibbs, The Salvation Army is partnering with organizations he was involved with for the first annual San Diego Bill Gibbs Memorial Red Kettle Day.

    On Friday, December 1, The Kiwanis Club of San Diego, La Jolla Presbyterian Church and The Salvation Army Metropolitan Advisory Board will ring bells at Red Kettles to honor Gibbs’ memory.

    A San Diego aviator, Bill Gibbs was a well-known contributor to many San Diego non-profits and organizations.

    Gibbs participated on The Salvation Army’s San Diego Metropolitan Advisory Board from 1989 until his death on October 29, 2016. He was heavily involved with The Salvation Army’s Door of Hope campus for women and children and served on the Property and Program committees of the board.

    “Bill made such a big impact to us and to all of San Diego,” says Major Darren Norton of The Salvation Army. “We wanted to continue his legacy of changing lives by raising money at Salvation Army Red Kettles in his honor. We are partnering with organizations in which he made a huge impact, and we hope this will be the first of many years.”

    While Bill Gibbs Memorial Red Kettle Day will be celebrated across San Diego, these organizations will be ringing at the following locations on Friday, December 1:

    • Kiwanis Club of San Diego: Ralphs Grocery Store Downtown San Diego


    Rick & Shari Webster + Carole Cuttita

    Jay Jeffcoat + Norma Trost

    David Jay + Peg Battersby

    Heather Robinson + Lauren Cook 

    David Gugerty + Charlie Coleman

    Monica Ball + Eric Wever 

    Tom Bauer + June Prewitt

    Monica Ball + Darren Norton

  • 31 Aug 2017 12:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    On Thursday, August 31st, Shaun McArdle, Ryan Callan, Eric Weaver, Tom Bauer, Heather Robinson, Karina Sousa + friend Marcos Gomez, Suzie Zlaket + hubby Dick Carlson took a trip to the Del Mar Racetrack! 

    We were also joined by previous member Miranda Bordson and her mother! It was a learning curve year figuring out the coordination of events, but we still managed to have a blast as always! 

  • 29 Aug 2017 6:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)
    We had a blast as always at our 5th Tuesday Kiwanis Night Out service project at the San Diego Food Bank! We packed over 10,000 pounds of apples!

    All our backs are aching that's for sure but we love doing good in our neighborhood!

    Special thanks to all our members who came to represent - Doug Frost, Ryan Callan, Charlie Coleman, Heather Robinson, Patrick Maurer, Karina Sousa + Tom Yahner! 

  • 22 Aug 2017 5:30 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    We gathered for our monthly Evening Social at our President's Casa in Crown Point! 

    We were equipped with Shaun's comfort case and lots of snacks. We had a lot of laughs as always and enjoyed the company of Tom Bauer, Danny Williams, Shaun McArdle and Heather Robinson! Looking forward to our next social on September 12th at 5:00 p.m. at Soda + Swine in Liberty Station! 

  • 16 Aug 2017 9:14 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    On August 16th, our Dinner Committee hosted their annual dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. The chair, Suzie Zlaket, always does an incredible job putting this on! For the first time at RMH, we had Tacos + Gorditas - which always does a FABULOUS job + the food is delicious! 

    With us at RMH, we had Judy Leitner, Norma Trost, Fritz + Susan Warmbrodt, Dave + Leone Wood, Conny Jamison, Lauren Cook, Heather Robinson + Karina Sousa! 

    We had lots of laughs as we dealt with dull knives, cried cutting onions, and fought over who could serve in the assembly line! 

    Not to mention we served over 150 meals to the families at the Ronald McDonald House and were graced by the presence of the CEO - Chuck Day! We presented our donation in the most appropriate place - the kitchen! 


    We love doing good in our neighborhood and look forward to serving again next year! 

  • 15 Aug 2017 9:47 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    Another fabulous luncheon on the books! We met today August 15th at the Admiral Baker Golf Course. 

    We started off with a lovely invocation from Major Darren Norton followed by a song led by Suzie Zlaket - aka "Persida" today :) 

    We switched things up at the meeting and started with the incredible program from our speakers, Dina McDonald and Cheryl Ripp 

    We had a very special guest (for our Prez), Marcos Gomez, who donated the microphones that we have used at our luncheons all year! He also is the responsible for introducing us to these awesome speakers!

    For Bill's bucks, we had some happy people in the house! 

    Eldon was happy to hear that Marian just got married - CONGRATS, Marian! 

    Heather needs lots of good vibes for her family issues. She also is still looking for attendees to join her JDRF Bring on the Blue Scavenger Hunt this Saturday starting at 12:00 p.m. at Coin-Op in North Park! More info here -- 

    Eric was FINE FREE because he had not only his badge, but also his pin! Favorite new member!

    Danny gave some inspirational words about the how great our Club and Foundation and all the behind the scenes hard work that's being done to make them both even better! 

    Judy informed us of this great deal for 62+ at Borrego National Park -- if interested, click here

    Brian announced he has complimentary tickets to the International Relief Teams Gala on September 9th - if you would like to attend, please contact Brian

    Justin was glad to be back where he got married - great choice of venue! 

    Dave was happy to be back with us after a terrible and traumatic vacation and we were so glad to see him at our meeting!

    We auctioned off a PRICELESS ticket to the Padres game with non-other than Mr. Padres himself, Jay Jeffcoat! Danny was the lucky recipient so we look forward to a recap at the next meeting! 

    BEST part of the meeting was inducting our newest member, David Jay, who happened not only to be our representative from Rady Children's Hospital but he also was a previous Key Clubber himself! We look forward to great things from our newest awesome member! 

    Last but not least, we presented our "big" check to SDSU for the Cinco de Mayo Concert in the Park! 

    In case you missed the concert, here's the '2 minute short' that Judy referenced in the meeting!


    Wednesday 8/16 - Serve Dinner @ Ronald McDonald House - 4:45 p.m. Contact: Suzie Zlaket

    Tuesday 8/22 – Evening Social @ Crown Point Shores - 6:00 p.m. Contact: Karina Sousa

    Tuesday 8/29 – Kiwanis Night Out @ SD Food Bank – 6:00 p.m. Contact: Karina Sousa **MUST REGISTER ONLINE**

    Thursday 8/31 – Del Mar Kiwanis Day @ the Racetrack – 12:00 p.m. Contact: Karina Sousa

    Tuesday 9/5 – Club Luncheon – Program: Holocaust Survivor Phil Pressel 12:00 p.m. – Renaissance Hotel

    Be sure to Register on our EVENTS page! NEED HELP?? CONTACT KARINA! 

  • 1 Aug 2017 12:00 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

    We had a great luncheon on today August 1st at the Renaissance Hotel! We had guests visiting us from Sweetwater Kiwanis Club and our new friends from the New Children's Museum. 

    Tom Bauer kicked off the luncheon with a great invocation followed by My Country, 'Tis of Thee led by Doug Frost. 


    We celebrated quite a few birthdays the last few weeks and had two of our birthday boys in attendance - Chuck Day + Fritz Warmbrodt. Happy Birthday to our other Kiwanians, Carole, Rick + Jean!


    Jay was happy to report he's been to every Padres home game - and purchased some digs Downtown to accommodate! 

    Karina was happy to have gone to a game with Jay - the only way she'll go to a Padres game! 

    Doug made it back from the Kiwanis International Convention in France safely - and with a fiance! Congrats to Doug + June! Our Kiwanis power couple! 

    Judy was bummed that she missed the Bill Toone visit but happy to have her at the meeting! 

    Heather was happy to report they sold their RV but anxious to get a car back! 

    July was a great month - the highlight being our visit to Bill Toone's Casa which we look forward to making an annual luncheon so mark your calendar for Summer 2018!


    The man of the hour, Chuck Day, our CWIP (Community-Wide Impact Project) Committee Chair came to present our $20,000 check to the New Children's Museum. This CWIP Committee vetted 20 proposals from organizations all over San Diego County but selected New Children's Museum as our recipient for 2018-2019! 


    Representing the New Children's Museum, we were delighted to meet - 

    Judy Forrester

    Executive Director/CEO

    Specializing in non-profit structure and sustainability strategy, Judy Forrester has worked with a number of San Diego’s key non-profit agencies helping them build sustainable business models to support their work.  Her twenty years of non-profit and community leadership, coupled with experience managing local philanthropy for Bank of America, helps Forrester bring proven best practices to organizations where she serves. In partnership with the boards of directors and the internal teams Forrester helps to build stronger, more sustainable organizations to better serve the San Diego community.

    Forrester accepted the role as Interim Director of The New Children’s Museum in December of 2015 to assist the board and staff in launching and executing the museum’s new strategic plan. In June of 2016 she accepted a three year contract to serve as Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director to further advance the long term sustainability of the museum.

    Prior to The New Children’s Museum, Forrester was contracted as Chief Executive Officer of USO San Diego for one year and assisted the board and staff in bringing financial stability to the organization. 

    From April 2010 to May of 2014 Forrester was Senior VP, San Diego Market Manager, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Bank of America where she was responsible for managing Bank of America’s community strategy including government relations, community relations and corporate affairs.  Additionally, she managed the bank’s charitable/ marketing/ sponsorship resources throughout the San Diego/Imperial Counties region..

    From July 2005 until April 2010, Forrester served as President and CEO of LEAD San Diego, prior to LEAD, Forrester led the startup of the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation; she served as a senior officer on the transition team of the American Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter during its crisis recovery and restructure and served for five years at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, first as Director of Social Service and Healthcare Policy – then later as Director of Corporate Relations.

    Forrester is active in the San Diego community. She has served on the boards of LEAD San Diego, the San Diego Regional EDC Foundation, the Downtown San Diego Partnership, The San Diego Workforce Partnership Workforce Investment Board, the San Diego Regional Continuum of Care Board, the San Diego Regional Tourism Authority, the San Diego World Trade Center and the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation. She is active on the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee, and the CEO Roundtable.  She is also a member of San Diego Downtown Rotary Club #33. She was recognized by the SD Business Journal as one of San Diego’s Women Who Mean Business and received recognition in 2012 as one of San Diego’s Metro Movers to Watch.  

    Tomoko Kuta

    Deputy Museum Director

    Tomoko Kuta, Deputy Museum Director at The New Children’s Museum, directs the content of the museum and develops the museum’s strategic vision.  Hired in 2011, Tomoko is responsible for executing the museum’s exhibitions, studio program, arts education initiatives, community outreach, and the daily visitor experience.  She has worked in museums and other non-profit organizations since 1992, working with artists, curators, educators, and other professionals to develop exhibitions, build permanent collections, design user-centered education programs, and train staff.  As a leader, she emphasizes empowering her team to realize their potential and best serve audiences.  Her projects have received funding from nationally-acclaimed agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts.  She is currently a co-chair for the Association of Children’s Museum’s annual conference and an arts commissioner with the city of Encinitas.  Tomoko earned a BS from Cornell University and an MA from the University of Chicago

    Amy Briere Gray

    Education Manager

    Amy Briere Gray, Education Manager, oversees the Arts Education department at The New Children’s Museum. Amy is a California-credentialed teacher with close to twenty years of experience working with educators, students, and families in art related venues. She joined the Museum in the fall of 2016, and since that time has worked with the Arts Education team to implement such programs as school visits, camps, fee-based classes, educator events and resources, and the new Community Gallery. As a manager and employee, Amy believes in being a team player and in collaborating with others as often as possible, an approach which has helped her to work closely with colleagues both inside and outside of the Museum and to create long-term professional relationships with a large number of educators and artists. She is currently on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the California Art Education Association (SD-CAEA), an associate member of the Balboa Park Educators Council (BPEC), and a full-time member of the Arts Education Resource Organization (AERO). Amy received a B.F.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. 

    We presented the check and then heard an update from Tomoko and Amy!

     To view their Powerpoint Presentation - click here


    8/9 – Interclub w/ Southeastern - 7:15 a.m. - Jacobs Center - Contact: June

    8/16 - Serve Dinner @ Ronald McDonald House - 4:45 p.m. - Contact: Suzie

    8/19 - JDRF North Park Scavenger Hunt - 12:00 p.m. - Contact: Heather

    8/29 - Kiwanis Night Out @ SD Food Bank - 6:00 p.m. - Contact: Karina

    Check the Kiwanis calendar for any other upcoming events! Be sure to register online!

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