• 18 Aug 2020 12:36 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club continued its streak of great meetings on August 18 as it welcomed guest speakers from SAY San Diego. President Judy Leitner rang the bell and after a patriotic song and sincere invocation for the nation – the meeting took off. Club Secretary and “Fun Chair” Karina Sousa offered this icebreaker to the group:

    What is your favorite Quarantine Snack?

    The answers were varied with Joe Sigurdson swearing by his fried egg sandwiches while others went for items like chips, popcorn, and pretzels. John Rush mentioned his favorite peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s which also provides the tai chili lime cashews that Karina has been enjoying. And you can never go wrong with Costco who sells Pub Mix and the giant jalapeno and garlic olives that Glen Honig is fond of. The big take away was that no one was eating particularly healthy! We will need to schedule another virtual workout meeting if lockdown continues.

    President Leitner moved the agenda into the fines and Bill’s Bucks portion of the day and immediately called out Club member Steve Morris. Steve recently got engaged and did not tell anyone! Steve graciously took his punishment and contributed his cash.

    The group was saddened to hear that longtime Kiwanian and San Diegan restaurant owner, John Pernicano had passed away due to cancer complications. Mark McDonald, Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis Executive Director remembered him fondly saying:

    “John was full of life; he would come to the Downtown Club and every one of those people knew him. He would come down often and bring his squeeze box (accordion) and a tuba player and play music. It was all those little things … you just laughed, just loved it. He was famous for his fundraisers at his restaurant. He would say, ‘I’ll sell the beverages at the bar, you can have all the pasta you want. I will donate the pasta.’”

    He will be missed.

    SAY San Diego took over the screen to share about their organization and speaker Lizzy Hurd’s focus at the organization and its partnerships and services which address the comprehensive needs of the entire individual or family rather than focusing on one symptom or problem. She is a community organizer for their project which is the North City Prevention Coalition (NCPC) which is designed to program is designed to help prevent youth alcohol and other drug use.

    After her presentation she took questions from the group which included:

    Q: Does income level relate in any way to overdose deaths? Unfortunately, the answer was that opioid related deaths are associated with living in poverty. A stunning statistic showed that people who are living in poverty were almost 2 times more likely to have an opioid related death.

    Judge Vic Bianchini asked if Narcan (an opioid overdose reversal medication) has a shelf life and was happy to find it can be used for three years after the date of issue.

    The meeting wrapped up and adjourned at 1:30 with everyone looking forward to the September 1st meeting with Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

    View the full video of the meeting below!

  • 4 Aug 2020 1:33 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club welcomed August with a packed house for the first Tuesday meeting.  President Judy Leitner rang the bell and welcomed long time club member Shaun McCardle gave a touching invocation that left the group grounded and ready for a great meeting.  Jay Jeffcoat was back to lead the opening song after a regrettable absence at the previous meeting and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” never sounded so good!

    Guests in attendance included Natalia Armenta from High Tech High School’s Media Arts Environmental Club who joined the meeting to check out the Club before their group joined us for a joint beach clean-up project on Saturday, August 22nd.  Anne Usher from The Pew Charitable Trusts was also a first-time visitor who is new to San Diego and passionate about the luncheon’s subject matter.

    Secretary Karina Sousa started the Meet & Greet portion of the day with the question “What habits have you picked up in Quarantine, and the answers were interesting. Gardening seemed to rule the room with many Club members admitting they spend a lot of time at Home Depot while some felt their personal routines had changed dramatically. Karina herself is an early riser that now finds it hard to get out of bed and Sally Hazzard has organized her house and belongs…. several times! Everyone is keeping busy, but we are looking forward to meeting again in person!

    Fines and Happy Dollars went quickly with donations flying in. Despite the fees raised at luncheons the Club is still financially strong due to donations received throughout the year – most of them during COVID.  Kiwanis Cares!

    The speaker for the day, was introduced and Club member Carl Nettleton took control of the screen to share about OpenOceans Global and what they are doing to solve the Ocean’s plastic crisis. The information was fascinating and gave a global overview of just what is happening to our oceans, rivers, and water ways due to our reliance on plastics.  Everyone enjoyed the presentation, and many stayed after to quiz Carl with questions.

    The Club had a few minutes to talk about upcoming events with the Tuesday Trivia Nights figuring largely into the mix. Everyone is invited to attend and there is the ultimate Club Prize for winning – bragging rights.

    The meeting adjourned at 12:31.

    Join us on September 1st when we welcome Mayor Kevin Faluconer!

  • 27 Jul 2020 10:56 AM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club kicked of its Annual Meeting with Vice-President Mike Boland taking over the reins from President Judy Leitner who called in to support. The bell was rung promptly at noon and Club members recited the pledge of allegiance and were then ready for the song. Unfortunately, member and avid Padres fan Jay Jeffcoat had been taped to sing “Take me Out to the Ball Game” but had technical difficulties and couldn’t dial in.

    VP Boland welcomed guests which included Lt. Governor of Division 11, Gary Trieschman who brought the Club up to date on District activities and the rescheduled District Convention. Secretary Karina Sousa went over our July birthdays and we gave a shout out to those celebrating milestones:

    7/6 – Charlie Coleman

    7/8 – Danny Williams

    7/9 – June Prewitt

    7/20 – Chuck Day

    7/29 – Rick Webster

    The Fines and Bill’s Bucks portion of the day melded into one as members gave donations and shared their happy and/or challenging news. Karina Sousa offered up $10 for her parents 36th wedding anniversary with Mike Boland contributing $20 for his 20th wedding anniversary. Gordon Boerner gave “just because” and other members followed suit.

    It was time for the Annual Meeting of the Kiwanis Club of San Diego and Secretary Sousa officiated over the official business portion of the agenda. Members had been

    Members had been notified in advance and quickly adopted and voted unanimously to approve the following agenda and slate.




    President, Mike Boland

    Immediate Past President, Judy Leitner

    Vice President, Susan Day

    Club Secretary, Gary Knight

    Club Treasurer, Ryan Callan

    Class of 2021: Alexandra Kritchevsky, Heather Robinson

    Class of 2022: Sally Hazzard, Karina Sousa

    Class of 2023: Glen Honig, Brian Krause


    After the business meeting it was time for the main event when we welcomed San Diego County Treasurer -Tax Collector and former Club member Dan McAllister.

    Dan gave us some great stats and insights into trends and developments in a strange year. He reminded the group that his job is to collect monies due to the County so that is available when the initiatives it was intended for are ready for payment. Not surprisingly education is the number one receiver of assessed funds.

    The Club had a few minutes to talk about upcoming events with the Tuesday Trivia Nights figuring largely into the mix. Everyone is invited to attend and there are great prizes, in addition to the ultimate Club Prize – bragging rights.

    The meeting adjourned at 12:33.

    Join us on September 1st when we welcome Mayor Kevin Faluconer!

  • 13 Jul 2020 3:38 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club started July with a bang at the first Tuesday luncheon with President Judy Leitner ringing the bell promptly at noon. Club Secretary Karina Sousa led the pledge and Foundation Immediate Past President Justin Frisco gave a moving eulogy that set just the right tone.

    After a quick review of ZOOM etiquette Judy welcomed guests beginning with former member and long-time Kiwanian Chuck Mulroy greeting the group and giving a brief update of what he had been up to. Nostalgic stories abound when long time members June Prewitt and John Rush weighed in with their own happenings. June had a birthday coming up and pledged over $100 to the Club and Foundation in honor of the milestone.

    Guest Anthony Gamino was present, and as he introduced himself, he told us why he was interested in joining the Club. He seems to have a heart for volunteering and his membership will be active soon!

    There were many members who had not remembered to wear their pin or badge and the fines were handed out liberally and even President Leitner had to submit cash for her pin oversight. While fines were being discussed the “Bill’s Bucks” portion of the day took over and guests and members contributed money to tell about life items that made them happy, sad or both. It was a welcome surprise to find Justin Frisco had brought back a gift (Delicious wine) from his recent vacation and he gave it up for the highest bidder…who ended up being Chuck Mulroy – who bought it in honor of Birthday Girl June Prewitt. Thank you, Justin, and congrats to June!


    o   7/6 – Charlie Coleman

    o   7/8 – Danny Williams

    o   7/9 – June Prewitt

    o   7/20 – Chuck Day

    o   7/29 – Rick Webster

    Patrick Hall from Kiwanis International attended to give an update on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and the good work it does globally. We were excited to hear the San Diego Kiwanis Club is in the top 2% of giving for the organization!  For the Kiwanis family, the Children's Fund is a way of reaching children through grants, scholarship programs and Kiwanis youth programs. 

    Kiwanis Children's Fund

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation held its annual meeting with President Jim Floros briefing the Club on what the Foundation had done over the last year. He reminded the audience that the Foundation gives away thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants each year to local, community-based non-profits and organizations.  He welcomed Tim Callan from Callan Capital to update the Club on the investments and financial planning that drives the fund. Mr. Callan shared market update that were especially timely considering COVID-19 hits on the Stock Market and ended with a report that the Foundation has over five million dollars in the fund as of 7/7/2020.

    The meeting closed with reminders about upcoming events including the wildly popular trivia night on Tuesday, July 14th. Will you be there?

    San Diego Kiwanis June 2020 Review.pdf

    Watch the full video of the meeting below! 

  • 18 Jun 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    San Diego Kiwanis Club Notice of Annual Meeting

    This Annual Meeting will include the Election of 2020/2021 Club Officer and the Class of 2023 Club Board of Directors, as well as the election of the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation 2020/2021 Board of Trustees.

    Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    Time: Noon, or as soon thereafter as the meeting is called to order


    Posted: Thursday, June 18, 2020

    By: Karina Sousa, Club Secretary

    Annual Meeting of the General Membership of the

    San Diego Kiwanis Club

    July 21, 2020





    Mike Boland, President

    Judy Leitner, Immediate Past President

    Susan Day, Vice President

    Gary Knight, Club Secretary

    Ryan Callan, Club Treasurer

    2021 Alexandra Kritchevsky, Heather Robinson

    2022 Sally Hazzard, Karina Sousa

    2023 Glen Honig, Brian Krause



    July 21, 2020 Kiwanis Club of San Diego Annual Meeting Agenda

    July 16, 2019 Kiwanis Club of San Diego Annual Meeting Minutes 

  • 16 Jun 2020 5:04 PM | Anonymous

    President Judy Leitner rang the bell at noon and the festivities started. Shaun McArdle led the pledge, followed by the invocation and then it was time to talk to attendees.

    President Leitner welcomed guest Sue Varga from the Balboa Park Conservancy as well as Nancy McArdle, Shaun’s daughter, and Tim Rice from SDSU. June Birthdays brought on a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for David Jay, Jennifer Lim, Eldon Thompson, Ryan Callan, and Justin Frisco.

    Ms. Leitner asked Alexandra Kritchevsky from the New Children’s Museum to share their ongoing efforts to serve children. Downtown resident and Club member Jay Jeffcoat remarked that he walked his dog Buddy by the museum every day and that the Kiwanis Club Signage for their donation needed refurbishing. Before anyone could comment he also offered to pay for a new one! Thanks Jay!

    Brian Krause introduced Tim Rice from SDSU who gave an update on the progress of the stadium site and ongoing work at San Diego State University. His slide show was informative and gave a timeline for when construction would begin and end.

    Club member Carl Nettleton introduced the main speaker of the day, Bill Toone from ECOLIFE Conservation who with his position at the San Diego Zoo, traveled extensively and ultimately worked in over 30 countries including Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Paraguay, Cameroon, and Madagascar. He worked with animal species from the birds of paradise, iguanas, Chacoan peccaries, giant armadillos, elephants, and gorillas.

    Bill shared some of his lesser known stories themed around Gorillas, including the time he accompanied Joan Embry and a juvenile gorilla to meet Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show! The meeting adjourned at 1:30 with some staying on to socialize and ask Bill questions.

    Please join us for our virtual Club meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at noon!

    Watch Bill Toone in action below! 

  • 3 Jun 2020 12:43 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club celebrated yet another FIRST as it hosted a VIRTUAL Online Cheese Tasting for the first meeting of the month.  Club members and guests who signed up before the event were able to secure a specially made cheese plate from Vennissimo Cheese. The self-titled San Diego “Home of Cheese” put together 35 cheese plates for Club members who picked them up ahead of the Tuesday meeting!

    President Judy Leitner welcomed the group with the ringing of the bell and led the pledge of allegiance. The Club moved through the invocation and songs with obvious enthusiasm and anticipation of the upcoming presentation. There were numerous guests including Brittany Beisner, June Frost, Joyce Gattas, Emily Krause, Sue Varga, Laura Schumache and Theo Shreve-Russell who dialed in from Orange County!

    The Club once again shared their ups and down during “Bill’s Bucks” and raised over $200 for the Club. We have 5 birthdays in June:

    6/7 - David Jay

    6/11 - Jennifer Lim

    6/12 - Eldon Thompson

    6/13 - Ryan Callan

    6/18 - Justin Frisco

    Club Member Monica Ball gave an update on her organization UPLIFT and how they were faring during COVID-19 and everyone was happy to hear about the positives as the organization serves a very vulnerable population of San Diego.

    A cow standing on top of a grass covered field Description automatically generated

    Finally, the big moment had arrived and President Leitner welcomed Rob Graff, also known as “RobbyG Professor McCheese” to walk the group through the selections that had been prepared. The plate featured four cheeses with various accoutrements including fruit, crackers, nuts, and herbs.  The professor circled the plate and highlighted all the tastings and pairings available that day and gave a detailed explanation, history, and best practices for tasting.

    It was heaven! Although the Club was reticent to quit all things must come to and end and the meeting adjourned at 1:30. We are looking forward to welcoming Bill Toone from ECOLIFE Conservation on June 16th!

  • 20 May 2020 12:01 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club finished off May with a great meeting and an eye toward wellness. Club President Judy Leitner welcomed everyone on time and went straight into the Pledge of Allegiance. Club Secretary Karina Sousa shared a meaningful invocation that was especially timely and fitting for our current world.

    The Club participated in a quick refresher on ZOOM etiquette and welcomed guests to the meeting including Christy Boland, who IS related to Mike, and Joanna Luz from the Point Loma Kiwanis Club. Mr. Boland highlighted Club members Greg Maginn from Cal State Games and Alexandra Kritchevsky from the New Children’s Museum who were joining for the first time since the quarantine hit.

    Bill’s Bucks raised over $300 dollars as club members put in donations for various reasons including renewed work opportunities and small blessings brought by current circumstances. Secretary Sousa shared Club Tidings from 1995 and there were some surprising names and facts!

    Mike welcomed special presenter Isabel Lorimer who is the Director of Community Fitness for Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo. Isabel went through some basic wellness facts and best practices and then asked everyone to get out of their chairs.  She led the group through general stretching and breathing exercises for all levels of movement and demonstrated how they should look and feel for participants. After 20 minutes of exercise she took questions and agreed to send the stretches and other suggestions to the Club for future use.

    The meeting adjourned at 1:30. Please joins us on June 2nd for a Virtual Cheese Tasting from Venissimo Cheese!

  • 5 May 2020 8:32 PM | Anonymous

    The San Diego Kiwanis Club kept the momentum on a roll with another great Virtual Luncheon Meeting on Tuesday, May 5th. The Cinco De Mayo vibes were flowing with several members featuring themed video backgrounds and vibrant regional clothing! President Judy Leitner welcomed guests with the ringing of the bell and Jay Jeffcoat led the pledge of allegiance. Susan Day focused the meeting with an invocation and the introductions began!

    President Leitner welcomed members guests Lauren Welch from Urban Corp as well as Jarabe Mexicana lead singer Gustavo Alcoser. Club members were disappointed they were unable to proceed with the annual Balboa Park Cinco De Mayo celebration as planned but were grateful that Gustavo was online to make sure we had a portion of the concert. Birthdays were featured with members Karina Sousa, Mark McDonald and Eric Wever all celebrating in the month of May. 


    Bill’s Bucks always takes place mid-meeting and this time was no exception. During this portion of the meeting, members can update the group on current events in their lives as well as work and community updates while making a contribution to the general fund. Did you know you can donate to the Club at ANY time? It is true! Just visit the SD Kiwanis website and press the “DONATIONS” link.

    President Leitner announced the winner of the best Cinco De Mayo themed Zoom window and Karina Sousa took home the big prize. Everyone looked great but she stood out!

    Doug Frost shared some “Tidings” news from the past – though some things have not changed!

    David Brown from the San Diego Sherriff’s Department updated the group on current law enforcement efforts during COVID-19 and how the pandemic has changed many of their day-to-day practices. He shared statistics and information on where to go for community resources. After a question and answer session Judy Leitner thanked Mr. Brown for his time and prepped to close the meeting. Before everyone left, she shared that today’s meeting was in Memoriam for long time Club member Ron Monroe.

    Check the Kiwanis calendar for upcoming events and we hope to see you soon!

  • 21 Jan 2020 11:04 AM | Anonymous

    You missed a great Club Meeting on Tuesday, January 21st! We welcomed an interclub from the Anaheim Kiwanis Club, heard from Aztec Marching Drum Line Students and accepted fines and Happy Dollars from Club Members. Join us on Tuesday, February 4th as we welcome and honor local law enforcement professionals. Aren't a member yet? Join us for a meeting - the first luncheon is on us!

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