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Staying Classy with the San Diego Kiwanis Club!

22 Sep 2020 5:25 PM | Anonymous

President Judy Leitner brought the San Diego Kiwanis Club’s Annual Installation meeting to order for the last time as the 2019-2020 President. Members and attendees were in a great mood as they anticipated the fun to be provided by Brian Krause and Karina Sousa with their second annual “Anchorman” themed awards and presentations.

Incoming 2020-2021 President Mike Boland led the Pledge of Allegiance and Steve Morris provided the invocation before President Leitner was invited back to the podium and recognized as a two-time Kiwanis President, past Foundation President, past Laurels for Leaders President, and past Division 11 Lieutenant Governor. Judy shared how honored she was to lead the Club during its 100th Anniversary and highlighted some events from the year which was difficult and rewarding at the same time.

Mayor Faulconer sent a video of the proclamation that he issued in honor of the Club’s special day and then it was time for birthdays. Mr. Krause greeted each birthday member with some personalized zingers for each member.

September Member Birthdays:

  •  Tom Bauer
  •   Jim Floros
  •  Claire LeBeau
  •  Carl Nettleton

Claire LeBeau from STARPAL received a Distinguished Service Award for 2019-2020 and was thanked for her work on the Environmental Committee. Fellow September birthday buddy Carl Nettleton was honored with a Community Service Award which was much deserved.

Justin Frisco was happy to honor member Jim Melvin with his 45-year Kiwanis Legion of Honor Pin. Jim is a great asset to the Club and recruited both Judy Leitner and Justin himself to join the Club.

Justin Frisco was honored for his continued service to the San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation which he served as President in 2018-2019 in addition to recognizing David Jay for his efforts as a Trustee and Board Secretary. Chuck Day and Steve Morris were also praised for their efforts to continue the legacy and financial soundness of the Foundation.

Doug Frost presented member Charlie Coleman with the Kiwanis Tablet of Honor and thanked him for his years of service to the Club in a variety of needed roles.

The hosts recognized other prominent Kiwanians who contributed in a significant manner to the Club during the first 100 years highlighting:  Bill Gibbs, Walt Zitlau, Junior Todd, Ed Meese Tim O’Reilly, John Kizer, Gene Auerbach, Ethel, Corrinne, Conny Jamison, Norma Trost, and Charley Kakos who still has a day named after him here in town!

Karina Sousa was thrilled to present the William A. Dunlap Fellowship Award to Shawn McArdle and also took a moment to give him his 20-year Legion of Honor Pin!  Shaun is a beloved Club member and always ready for fun.

Although District Secretary Mark McDonald was in attendance hosts Brian and Karina sidelined him and decided to install the 2020-2021 Board themselves. They thanked outgoing members for their service:

President                               Judy Leitner

Immediate Past President  Brian Krause

Vice President                      Mike Boland

Club Secretary                      Karina Sousa

Club Treasurer                     Ryan Callan

Class of 2020                        Susan Day

                                                Danny Williams

Class of 2021                        Joe Sigurdson

                                                Jennifer Lim

Class of 2022                        Sally Hazzard

                                              Gary Knight

And then immediately ushered the 2020-2021 Board into place with an oath and proclamation.

President       Mike Boland

Immediate Past President  Judy Leitner

Vice President          Susan Day

Club Secretary          Gary Knight

Club Treasurer         Ryan Callan

2021   Alexandra Kritchevsky

            Heather Robinson

2022   Sally Hazzard

            Karina Sousa

2023   Glen Honig

            Brian Krause

Brian Krause honored 12-year Kiwanian Ryan Callan for his ongoing service to the Club as a past president and more recently the Club Treasurer. Mr. Callan was presented with a Hixon Fellowship Award and thanked the Club for its confidence in him.

Newly installed President Mike Boland took a few moments to share his vision for the next year and the future of the Club which featured a theme of the "2nd Century of Service". He was presented with a Distinguished Service Award and thanked everyone for contributing their time and energy.

After announcements and “Bill’s Bucks” which are staples of every meeting, the meeting wound down as Club Secretary, Foundation Trustee and Kiwanis Expert Karina Sousa was awarded a Hixon Fellowship for her enormous efforts on behalf of the Club. THANK YOU, KARINA!

Then, with instructions to “Stay Classy San Diego” the meeting was adjourned, and everyone zoomed off.

See you next time on October 6th!

Watch the amazing performance by Brian Burgundy + Karina Corningstone below! 

Join our Club and perform extraordinary things in your community!

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