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7/7 July Bring Heat and Happiness to Club Members!

13 Jul 2020 3:38 PM | Anonymous

The San Diego Kiwanis Club started July with a bang at the first Tuesday luncheon with President Judy Leitner ringing the bell promptly at noon. Club Secretary Karina Sousa led the pledge and Foundation Immediate Past President Justin Frisco gave a moving eulogy that set just the right tone.

After a quick review of ZOOM etiquette Judy welcomed guests beginning with former member and long-time Kiwanian Chuck Mulroy greeting the group and giving a brief update of what he had been up to. Nostalgic stories abound when long time members June Prewitt and John Rush weighed in with their own happenings. June had a birthday coming up and pledged over $100 to the Club and Foundation in honor of the milestone.

Guest Anthony Gamino was present, and as he introduced himself, he told us why he was interested in joining the Club. He seems to have a heart for volunteering and his membership will be active soon!

There were many members who had not remembered to wear their pin or badge and the fines were handed out liberally and even President Leitner had to submit cash for her pin oversight. While fines were being discussed the “Bill’s Bucks” portion of the day took over and guests and members contributed money to tell about life items that made them happy, sad or both. It was a welcome surprise to find Justin Frisco had brought back a gift (Delicious wine) from his recent vacation and he gave it up for the highest bidder…who ended up being Chuck Mulroy – who bought it in honor of Birthday Girl June Prewitt. Thank you, Justin, and congrats to June!


o   7/6 – Charlie Coleman

o   7/8 – Danny Williams

o   7/9 – June Prewitt

o   7/20 – Chuck Day

o   7/29 – Rick Webster

Patrick Hall from Kiwanis International attended to give an update on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and the good work it does globally. We were excited to hear the San Diego Kiwanis Club is in the top 2% of giving for the organization!  For the Kiwanis family, the Children's Fund is a way of reaching children through grants, scholarship programs and Kiwanis youth programs. 

Kiwanis Children's Fund

The San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation held its annual meeting with President Jim Floros briefing the Club on what the Foundation had done over the last year. He reminded the audience that the Foundation gives away thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants each year to local, community-based non-profits and organizations.  He welcomed Tim Callan from Callan Capital to update the Club on the investments and financial planning that drives the fund. Mr. Callan shared market update that were especially timely considering COVID-19 hits on the Stock Market and ended with a report that the Foundation has over five million dollars in the fund as of 7/7/2020.

The meeting closed with reminders about upcoming events including the wildly popular trivia night on Tuesday, July 14th. Will you be there?

San Diego Kiwanis June 2020 Review.pdf

Watch the full video of the meeting below! 

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