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8/7 Kiwanis Luncheon ~ Callan Capital Update!

7 Aug 2018 3:21 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

We had a fabulous luncheon at Admiral Baker on August 7, 2018! Our Kiwanians were dressed in the summer finest and we were able to admire some great legs (aka Eldon)! 

The Southeastern Club came to REPRESENT with members, Harvey, Nathan, Gordon, Woody, Beverly, Stephanie and of course the fabulous Zoneice in attendance! We LOVE their energy!  

We had a VERY special visitor in town, Ethel Merriman, who was a previous member of our Kiwanis Club! She now lives in Iowa and we miss dearly! It was so great to have her join us at lunch! 

A potential new member came to check us out who has a long line of Kiwanis family history! He even brought the badge his grandfather had! We hope to see David again at an upcoming luncheon! 

The club celebrated the August birthdays - the big one being Fritz turning the big 8-0 on 8/2! We'll celebrate Norma's birthday again on the 21st because it's NORMA MONTH! 

Karina made sure to recognize Norma at the meeting for all her tireless hours working to keep our club alive. She is the main pillar holding up this club. She has been and still is extremely instrumental in the sustainability and growth of this club. There is no way we would still be functioning today if it weren't for Norma! She is always behind the scenes and never gets the recognition and appreciation she deserves so next time you see her, give her a big hug and tell her she's awesome! 

Gary Knight, our newest member, was inducted today and shared lots of interesting information about our current state of technology. We look forward to getting to know Gary better and helping bring more technology into our community! 

Last but not least, we had the smart, talented + good lookin' Callan brothers present the latest financials for our Foundation! If you missed the meeting and want to view their presentation, click here! (IF you have trouble accessing and still want a copy, just email Karina - karina@sousa.com) 

Here is a VIDEO of the meeting recap for those that like the visuals :) ;

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