12/5 Citizens Climate Lobby Luncheon

5 Dec 2017 2:29 PM | Karina Sousa (Administrator)

We had a PACKED house at our Kiwanis luncheon on December 5th at our new location, Admiral Baker with 42 in attendance!  The power went out half way through the luncheon but that didn't slow us down! 

Art Stillwell started us off with a invocation on the Golden Rule and led us in the song, You're A Grand Ol' Flag. 

We knocked out our Special Meeting of the Membership. We confirmed we had a quorum of voting membership in good standing. We approved our minutes from our Annual Meeting of General Membership on September 19th. We elected our new 2nd Vice President, Fritz Warmbrodt and we elected Drue Jordan to serve in our Class of 2018 Club Board of Directors (to fill the vacancy for Brian Krause who is now VP). 

Bill's Bucks

Judy Lietner came back from San Francisco for a clean energy conference and had a great time!  

Tom Bauer - reminded us there's only 5 more weeks until LAURELS FOR LEADERS - website up and running - laurelsforleaders.org

Joe Sigurdson - 60 boys to men weekend - spent saturday working with adaptive surf community - had competition in la jolla shores - complimented on working with the challenged athletes

Fritz Warmbrodt - salads are wonderful but wants our Prez to negotiate forgetting a salad and going for dessert instead! 

Jim Floros - 2 meetings in a row, he gets to see his twin brother, Eldon Floros

Suzie Zlaket - happy to say that Monarch School had their volunteer appreciation event and our Club Foundation was awarded Community Partner for 2017! Suzie thanked her loyal committee - especially Judy who got us involved with Monarch over 17 years ago. We started with only 50 and now we are up to 200! The Dinner Committee will be serving over 600 people through August 2018! 

Ryan Callan - gave us a recap about the awesome experience he had at the house build with his boys! Who ended up on the roof at one point, which Heidi Callan was SUPER thrilled about! ;) He thanks the SD Kiwanis Club Foundation for their financial support of the International Relief Teams. They crossed the boarder at 7am and 12 hours later, they had build a beautiful home for a single mom living with 2 little kids! Great work team! 

Shaun McArdle - thankful for being able to ring the bells with the Salvation Army! He commented that they put on QUITE the show! You missed out if you didn't get to see his bell-ringing dance! 

Carl Nettleton - apologize for NOT being in Tijuana on Saturday with IRT but - no happy wife = no happy life! He was able to see Justin Frisco on the golf course and said do not bet on him since he's a great player! 

Danny Williams - very impressed that Joe Sigurdson is 5 days into December and hasn't abandoned his Movember mustache and facial hair! 

David Jay - $5 preemptive THANK YOU to all the volunteers for the Rady Children's Hospital Radiothon next WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY! Thankful one of the kids that is going to be on the air has an incredible story about surviving 2 brain tumor treatments! More info - https://www.radyfoundation.org/radiothon 

Charlie Coleman - Served over 1400 people at the Downtown Civic Center on Thanksgiving! 

Susan Day - tomorrow night the Burn Institute has their big Winter Faire and Santa is coming!! 500 Burn Survivors and their families are invited to partake in this winter wonderland! 

Justin Frisco - reminded us to mark your calendars for our annual Golf Tournament on January 19, 2018! All proceeds to benefit the San Diego Food Bank! 

David Gugerty - his daughter wasn't able to go to work because of the fires in Ventura - she lives in Simi Valley! 

Heather Robinson - participating in many events since it was Diabetes Month! She also got an early Christmas present -- a NEW PUPPY! Who is tearing up the house!

Patrick Maurer - set up his place for Christmas for Sydney and is loving watching her reaction to everything! He is loving every moment of her discovering life, but also glad she's not completely mobile, yet! 

Our Chairman of the Day, Jay Jeffcoat, gave a fabulous introduction from our speaker who is a fellow El Centro resident, Carl Yaeker. 

He retired 3 years ago from being an attorney, and in the process took a class on climate change at UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography. He was not a do-er at the time but couldn't sit idly as he watched the direction of climate change. Or how Carl put it, his wife was sick of him yelling at the TV! He discovered the Citizens Climate Lobby - which lobbies the US Congress politely with preparation and the idea of establishing relationship, all without any funding. This group consists of all volunteers! In a nutshell:

We exist to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.

Carl discussed that many people are concerned about climate change, but feel they would never talk about it with anyone because it may start a political argument or is uncomfortable, etc. 

He also commented that many people are worried because of the growing number of weather events. Carl said that Miami is spending $500 million to reset the storm drains and raise the most important surface streets. During King Tide on a sunny day, the water comes up 3-4 feet from the storm drains! 

Carl told us the most significant 4 things that he learned in his climate change class: 

  1. It's real
  2. It's us
  3. It's bad
  4. But we can fix it

Carl stated there great location organizations and state organizations that are on board, the big exception is US Congress. He presented the suggestions their organization has to help address these issues. To learn more, visit citizensclimatelobby.org

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