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Club Luncheon - Citizens Climate Lobby Presentation + SPECIAL MEETING OF CLUB MEMBERSHIP

  • 5 Dec 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Admiral Baker - 2400 Admiral Baker Rd #3604, San Diego, CA 92124


  • Kiwanis Members

Join us for our Club Luncheon at
our NEW location: Admiral Baker! 

2400 Admiral Baker Rd #3604, San Diego, CA 92124

Luncheon 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Meal Price $20 FREE Parking

Program/Speaker: Citizens Climate Lobby Presentation: Carl Yaeckel

Solving Global Warming: Political Will and Personal Empowerment

Economists agree that the simplest, fairest, and most effective solution to global warming is to charge fossil fuel companies a steadily rising fee on the carbon in their fuel products and then refund 100% of the proceeds to American households as a dividend . In this upbeat, solution-focused presentation, you will learn why this ‘Carbon Fee and Dividend’ idea is the best solution to global warming and how you can help to advocate for this solution in the U.S. Congress.

Citizens Climate Lobby practices participatory democracy. Our volunteers work to establish relationships with their Members of Congress, to raise public awareness through media and outreach events, and to build bridges with other groups concerned with climate change. Volunteers receive support and training for all these roles. CCL currently has over 80,000 volunteers and over 400 chapters. We are nonpartisan and nonprofit. 

Carl Yaeckel graduated from Harvard law School in 1979. He has worked as a prosecutor, a public defender, and a civil trial attorney. Since retiring in 2014 he has been a volunteer with CitizensClimate Lobby. Mr. Yaeckel is a Congressional Liaison and a Group Leader for CCL. He resides in San Diego, California.


A special meeting of our Club membership will take place at our luncheon on December 5, 2017. We will ask the members in attendance to approve the annual meeting minutes, elect the 2nd VP and fill the vacancy in the Board of Directors’ Class of 2018. The Kiwanis Club Board recommends approval of the minutes and election of the Board members as stated; and nominations for the vacant offices may be made from the floor. 

  1. Approval of our Annual Meeting Minutes – 9/9/17
  2. Elect our 2nd VP – Fritz Warmbrodt
  3. Elect vacancy for Class of 2018 Board of Directors – Drue Jordan
*Agenda for December 5th can be downloaded by clicking here*

PLEASE register to confirm your attendance!!! 

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